Detailed Description

struct A3DCrvBlend02BoundaryData

Blend02Boundary structure.

Not yet implemented.



Public Members

A3DBool m_bIs2D

A value of true specifies a 2D curve; and a value of false specifies a 3D curve.

A3DMiscCartesianTransformationData m_sTrsf

Cartesian transformation.

A3DParameterizationData m_sParam


A3DSurfBase *m_pBlend

Blend surface must be of type PRC_TYPE_SURF_Blend02.

A3DUns32 m_uiBlend


A3DUns32 m_uiCrossingPtsSize

Number of crossing points.

A3DVector3dData *m_pCrossingPts

Array of Crossing point positions.

A3DDouble m_dChordalError

Chordal error.

A3DDouble m_dAngularError

Angular error.

A3DSurfBase *m_pBoundingSurface

Bounding surface.

A3DBool m_bBoundingSurfaceSens

Sense of bounding surface.

A3DBool m_bIntersectionOrder

Intersection order.

A3DBool m_bIntersectionCurveSens

Sense of intersection curve.

A3DDouble m_dBaseParameter

Base parameter.

A3DDouble m_dBaseScale

Base scale.

A3DVector3dData m_sStartLimitPoint

Start limit point.

A3DEIntersectionLimitType m_sStartLimitType

Start limit type.

A3DVector3dData m_sEndLimitPoint

End limit point.

A3DEIntersectionLimitType m_sEndLimitType

End limit type.