Detailed Description

struct A3DDrawingClipFrameData

A3DDrawingClipFrame structure.



Public Members

A3DUns16 m_uiStyle

Style of the boundary if m_bDrawBound is set to true.

A3DBool m_bDrawBound

Draw the boundary.

A3DBool m_bClipBound

Clip view geometry with the boundary.


A3DEDrawingClipFrameType m_eType

Type of current clipping frame (see A3DEDrawingClipFrameType).


A3DDomainData m_sRectangularBox

BoundingBox of clipping if m_eType is kA3DDrawingClipFrameTypeRectangular.

Coordinate are in local coordinate space.

A3DCrvBase *m_pCurve

Closed curve of clipping if m_eType is kA3DDrawingClipFrameTypeUserDefine.