Detailed Description

struct A3DDrawingSheetData

Drawing sheet structure.

A local coordinate system can be applied on sheet, by setting m_sRefPoint and m_dScale.

A3DVector2dData SheetLocalToGlobal( A3DVector2dData const & sLocalCoord)
    A3DVector2dData sGlobalCoord;
    sGlobalCoord.x = sLocalCoord.x * m_dScale + m_sRefPoint.x;
    sGlobalCoord.y = sLocalCoord.y * m_dScale + m_sRefPoint.y;
    return sGlobalCoord;


Public Members

A3DDrawingSheetFormat *m_pFormat

Optional sheet format.

A3DVector2dData m_sSize

Size of the sheet (not used if m_pFormat is defined).

Refers to Drawing Sheet Format for more details.

A3DVector2dData m_sRefPoint

Set a new reference point for the sheet.


A3DDouble m_dScale

Set a scale for the sheet.

This scale applies to all entities contained in the sheet. Absolute value must be greater than 1e-12.../_images/drawing_sheet_scale.png

A3DBool m_bDrawFrame

Boolean indicating whether the frame of the sheet should be drawn.

A3DUns16 m_usStyle

Reserved for future use.

A3DUns16 m_usBackgroundStyle

Defines the color of the sheet.

A3DDrawingBlock *m_pBackgroundBlocks

Geometries defined as part of the background of the sheet (like a title block).

Refers to Drawing Block for more details.

A3DUns32 m_uiDrwBlocksSize

The size of m_ppDrwBlocks.

A3DDrawingBlock **m_ppDrwBlocks

Array of pointers on blocks.

Refers to Drawing Block for more details.

A3DUns32 m_uiDrwViewsSize

The size of m_ppDrwViews.

A3DDrawingView **m_ppDrwViews

Array of pointers on views.

Refers to Drawing View for more details.