Detailed Description

struct A3DDrawingViewData

DrawingView structure.



Public Members

A3DEDrawingViewType m_eType

Type of current view.


A3DDrawingClipFrame *m_pClipFrame

Clipping frame of current view.

Refer to Drawing Clip Frame for more details.

A3DVector2dData m_sOriginOnSheet

Origin of view in owner sheet space.

Refer to a3d_drawing_view. html drawing_sheet_refpoint.png

A3DVector2dData m_sOffsetLocation

Sets a new origin for the local space of the view.

Refer to a3d_drawing_view. html drawing_view_offset.png

A3DDouble m_dScale

Set a scale to local coordinate system.

Refer to Drawing View.

A3DDouble m_dAngle

Set a angle rotation to local coordinate system.

Refer to Drawing View.

A3DUns32 m_uiSrcFilesNamesSize

The size of m_ppcSrcFilesNames.

A3DUTF8Char **m_ppcSrcFilesNames

Name of reference files.

A3DDrawingBlock *m_pLocalBlocks

Block on view.

A3DUns32 m_uiDrwBlocksSize

The size of m_ppDrwBlocks.

A3DDrawingBlock **m_ppDrwBlocks

Array of pointers on blocks.

A3DMkpView *m_pBaseView

For future use.

A3DAsmFilter *m_pFilter

For future use.