Detailed Description

struct A3DGraphDottingPatternData

Dotting fill pattern descriptor.

Drawing a shape can be done by filling its drawn face using a dotted pattern (alternative ways could be using a texture or a solid color, for example). This technique is generally associated with halftone pattern, which consists in simulating continuous tone through dots.



A3DGraphDottingPatternData is one of the four fill pattern provided by HOOPS. It is associated to the kA3DTypeGraphDottingPattern entity type. The other available fill patterns are A3DGraphHatchingPatternData, A3DGraphSolidPatternData and A3DGraphVPicturePatternData.

Pattern description

This descriptor is used to represent an axis-aligned grid of dots, each of them being spaced by a distance of m_dPitch, horizontally and vertically. When m_bZigZag is true, dots are appear within a staggered layout, where every other line is horizontaly shifted by half m_dPitch.

Pattern layers

Implementations can express complex patterns by chaining them in order, using the m_uiNextPatternIndex field.

Public Members

A3DDouble m_dPitch

Horizontal and vertical spacing between each dot, in model unit.

A3DBool m_bZigZag

If true, the pattern is staggered.

A3DUns32 m_uiColorIndex

Global index for the color used to draw the pattern.

A3DUns32 m_uiNextPatternIndex

Global index for the next pattern.