Detailed Description

struct A3DGraphHatchingPatternLineData

Line descriptor for the A3DGraphHatchingPatternData structure.

A hatching pattern is a composition of at least onen line descriptor. A line descriptor is represented by an instance of A3DGraphHatchingPatternLineData. Each hatching line is infinitely repeated in both orthogonal directions.



The fill pattern graphics style is described with an instance of A3DGraphStyleData which can be retrieved by calling A3DGlobalGetGraphStyleData with m_uiStyleIndex.

Pattern description

A single reference line is first described using a starting point and a direction:

  • m_sStart is any point within the line. It is expressed in 2D space coordinates.

  • m_dAngle is the line orientation, expressed in radians. Then, the line is repeated in both directions, where all line starting points are spaces by m_sOffset.


This structure is exclusively used as a composition of A3DGraphHatchingPatternData even if the hatching pattern is made of a single hatching line description.


HOOPS does not perform any check on whether the values of m_dAngle and m_sOffset generating infinitely overlapping lines. It is up to your application to make such validation if needed.

Public Members

A3DVector2dData m_sStart

A point within the reference line. Expressed in 2D space coordinates.

A3DVector2dData m_sOffset

The distance between each successive line starting points. Expressed in 2D space coordinates.

A3DDouble m_dAngle

The direction of the lines. This value is expressed in radians, where an angle value of 0 represents an X-aligned line.

A3DUns32 m_uiStyleIndex

Global index for the drawing style (A3DGraphStyleData) of the pattern.