Detailed Description

struct A3DGraphTextureTransformationData

Texture Transformation Structure.

The library supports 2D texture transformations. It does not currently support 3D texture transformations.



The matrix is always an array of 16 doubles.

Rotation around x: matrix[0], matrix[1], matrix[2]

Rotation around y: matrix[4], matrix[5], matrix[6]

Rotation around z: matrix[8], matrix[9], matrix[10]

Translation(x,y,z): matrix[12], matrix[13], matrix[14]

Public Members

A3DBool m_bTextureFlipS

Inverts the S coordinate parameter.

A3DBool m_bTextureFlipT

Inverts the T coordinate parameter.

A3DDouble m_dMatrix[16]

Coordinates of the matrix, which are described in the Detailed Description for this structure.

A3DBool m_bIs2D

Indicates that matrix_transformation contains only 2D terms; always true in this version.