Detailed Description

struct A3DGraphicsData

Main description of graphics properties within an A3DRootBaseWithGraphics instance.

The A3DGraphicsData structure serves as an entry point for describing all the graphics properties of an A3DRootBaseWithGraphics instance.



The structure mainly serves as a container for a style index, defined with m_uiStyleIndex. This value is used within A3DGlobalGetGraphStyleData to fill in a A3DGraphStyleData.

Objects can be organized by assigning them into layers. All the items inside a same layer are treated as a group. A layer is a numeric identifier which is set with m_uiLayerIndex. When no specific layer is set, m_uiLayerIndex can be A3D_DEFAULT_LAYER.

m_usBehaviour describes the propagation policy for the graphics properties of the object within a model file.

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As initializing the structure is done by calling A3D_INITIALIZE_DATA, the operation will set all the fields to zero. The initial value of m_usBehaviour will thus hide the object from display.

Public Members

A3DUns32 m_uiLayerIndex

A layer identifier of A3D_DEFAULT_LAYER

A3DUns32 m_uiStyleIndex

An index to a global A3DGraphStyleData instance.

A3DUns16 m_usBehaviour

Graphics properties propagation policy. See Bit Field for Behavior on Graphics.