Detailed Description

struct A3DHLRRepresentationItemData

A3DHLRCurveData structure.



Public Members

A3DRiRepresentationItem *m_pRepItem

Current representation item.

A3DDouble m_adMatrix[16]

Global placement of the current representation item (used for A3DHLRCurveData m_psTopoEdge or m_psTopoFirstFace / m_psTopoSecondFace).

A3DUns32 m_uiNumberHLRCurves

number of element in m_pppHLRCurves.

A3DHLRCurveData *m_pppHLRCurves

Array of A3DHLRCurveData, describing result hlr curves.

A3DUns32 m_uiNumberSectionFace

number of section face (if HLR is computed from a section view).

A3DHLRSectionFaceData *m_pHLRSectionFaces

Array of A3DHLRSectionFaceData, describing result hlr section face.