A3DEntity *


A3DRiCoordinateSystem *


Detailed Description

struct A3DMiscEntityReferenceData

Structure that identifies the referenced entity and that provides a new coordinate system.

If the type of the referenced entity is topology, m_pEntity is an A3DMiscReferenceOnTopology object of type kA3DTypeMiscReferenceOnTopology, which contains the reference to the topological body. In addition to containing a reference to the topology entity, the A3DMiscReferenceOnTopology entity defines the topology item type and includes indexes to items in the global settings, such as color and layer.



If the type of the referenced entity is not topology, the m_pEntity member can directly reference an object that has one of the types defined in Referenceable Non-Topological Entities. (m_pEntity

can also be NULL.)

To get the type of the entity referenced by the

m_pEntity member, use the A3DEntityGetType function.

Public Members

A3DEntity *m_pEntity

Referenced entity.

It can be NULL.

A3DRiCoordinateSystem *m_pCoordinateSystem

Optional location.