Detailed Description

struct A3DMkpViewFlagsData

The set of activated components in a View.

In a model, a view may consist in different components:

  • Camera positioning

  • PMI Filtering

  • Geometry Filtering

  • Cross-section

  • View explosion

  • Combined State

When traversing an A3DMkpView instance, you can check whether theses components are used or not by calling A3DMkpViewGetFlags. The returned structure is a set of boolean members which indicates the state of each component.

Public Members

A3DBool m_bIsCameraSet

A Camera is flagged on.

A3DBool m_bIsPMIFilteringSet

PMI filtering is flagged on.

A3DBool m_bIsGeomFilteringSet

Geometry filtering is flagged on.

A3DBool m_bIsCrossSectionSet

A Cross-section is flagged on.

A3DBool m_bIsExplosionSet

A view explosion is flagged on.

A3DBool m_bIsCombineState

The view is in a combined state