Detailed Description

struct A3DRWParamsExportParasolidData

A structure that specifies parameters used to write the model file to Parasolid format.



Public Members

A3DBool m_bSaveSolidsAsFaces

Specifies how solids are written.

  • With a value of TRUE, solids are written as independent faces.

  • With a value of FALSE, solid topology is kept.

A3DBool m_bWriteTessellation

If TRUE tessellations will be converted to bodies.

If FALSE tessellations will be ignored.

A3DBool m_bWriteBlankedEntities

Write blanked entities (hidden entities become visible).

A3DUTF8Char *m_pcApplication

Application name (will be reported in the output file).

A3DUTF8Char *m_pcVersion

Application version (will be reported in the output file).

A3DBool m_bBStrictAssemblyStructure

If TRUE, HOOPS Exchange will attempt to build a Parasolid assembly tree as closely as possible to how it was in the original software (the goal is to remove the effects of the intermediate PRC assembly, which is not equivalent to the Parasolid assemblies).

This is achieved by heavily modifying the assembly tree and attributes in the exported Parasolid. Names of bodies will be a concatenation of the several assembly levels, and may not match the original names in Parasolid.

A3DBool m_bExplodeMultiBodies

Explode multi-connexes B-reps into multiple bodies.



A3DBool m_bMakePointsWithCoordinateSystems

Write Coordinate Systems as Points (There’s no equivalent in Parasolid format).

A3DBool m_bBinary

Write file as binary instead of text.