Detailed Description

struct A3DRWParamsGeneralData

Reading options to filter the types of information that are read when CAD files are loaded.

All the m_bRead* fields are boolean options defaulted to A3D_FALSE, which means the related entity is skipped upon reading.


Even if these options are very common among CAD formats, some of them may be irrelevant to a specific format.

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Loading a model

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PRC basics



Public Members

A3DBool m_bReadSolids

Allows reading of solid parts.

A3DBool m_bReadSurfaces

Allows reading of surfaces entities.

A3DBool m_bReadWireframes

Allows reading of wireframe entities.

A3DBool m_bReadPmis

Allows reading of PMIs.

A3DBool m_bReadAttributes

Allows reading of non-geometric information linked to entities and files.


Attributes linked to solids and entities, such as material and density, are always read, even if m_bReadAttributes is A3D_FALSE.

A3DBool m_bReadHiddenObjects

Allows reading of representation items which are marked as hidden in the CAD file.

Default is A3D_TRUE. When set to A3D_FALSE, representation items considered hidden in the CAD file won’t be kept in the resulting PRC. This can be useful when the objective is to observe the visible appearance of the resulting PRC.


This option only impacts representation items. Reading of assembly-level entities (parts and product occurrences) is not affected, may the CAD file identify them as hidden or not.


Setting m_bReadHiddenObjects to false when reading PMIs, Views or complex assemblies may lead to unexpected behavior due to the potential for removal of bodies referenced by residual PMI or Views.

A3DBool m_bReadConstructionAndReferences

Allows reading of construction entities, such as planes and axes.

A3DBool m_bReadActiveFilter

Allows reading of only data stored in the active filter or on layers corresponding to the active filter.

A3DEReadingMode2D3D m_eReadingMode2D3D

If applicable, choose whether reading 2D drawing, 3D model or both.

For IGES format, kA3DRead_Both is not available and will default to kA3DRead_3D.

A3DEReadGeomTessMode m_eReadGeomTessMode

Select between reading geometry, tessellation or both.

A3DEUnits m_eDefaultUnit

DefaultUnit option restricted to those formats where unit never exists or is unreliable (U3D, CGR, STL, VRML)

  • If it is different than kA3DUnitUnknown, the default unit used is the one defined with this enum

  • If it is set to kA3DUnitUnknown, the default unit is considered unknown and the value is 1.0.

A3DBool m_bReadFeature

Allows reading of model feature tree.



A3DBool m_bReadConstraints

Allows reading of assembly constraints.



A3DInt32 m_iNbMultiProcess


. Not used anymore.

A3DUns32 m_uiSearchTextureDirectoriesSize

The size of m_ppcSearchTextureDirectories array.



A3DUTF8Char **m_ppcSearchTextureDirectories

Additional search directories for texture files.