Detailed Description

struct A3DRWParamsIncrementalLoadData

Structure to specify reading parameters to load some specific parts of an assembly.



Public Members

A3DBool m_bLoadStructureOnly

With a value of TRUE, read and return only the tree of the assembly in a model file.

A3DBool m_bLoadNoDependencies

When m_bLoadNoDependencies is true, the shattered reading mode is activated; please note, this is an independent type of incremental loading, separate from typical incremental loading.

(As an illustration, please see the “Shattered” code sample in the HOOPS Exchange samples.)

Each CAD file from a top assembly (parts and sub-assembly) is loaded and exported to PRC separately, resulting in one intermediate PRC file per CAD file. Only the specified import file content is read.

Exchange will import as much information as possible (and will override some import settings in the process). If the file is a part, only the part content will be read (geometry / tessellation). If the file is an assembly, only the content of the file will be read (assembly tree, transformation, assembly attributes, etc.). External subassembly files and external part files are not treated.

Once this process is complete, all of the intermediate PRC files should be reassembled into a single PRC file with the function


A3DAsmProductOccurrence *m_pRootProductOccurrence

Root of the product occurrence to read.

A3DUns32 m_uiProductOccurrencesSize

The size of m_ppProductOccurrences.

A3DAsmProductOccurrence **m_ppProductOccurrences

Array of product occurrences to read.

They must be sons of m_pRootProductOccurrence.