Detailed Description

struct A3DRWValidationPropertiesThresholdData

Threshold values used for checking validation properties in Step.

Step files may contain validation properties that are used to check the validity of a CAD model. Those values, once read from the file, are compared with the ones computed by Exchange. Threshold values define the acceptable limit between the read and the computed value.

Two kinds of threshold are used :

  • Deviation: maximum distance between points (mm)

  • Percent: maximum difference for real values (%)



Public Members

A3DDouble m_dGEOMPercentVolume

(%) Volume of solids.

A3DDouble m_dGEOMPercentSurfaceArea

(%) Surface of solids.

A3DDouble m_dGEOMPercentIndependentSurfaceArea

(%) Surface of surfaces.

A3DDouble m_dGEOMPercentIndependentCurveLength

(%) Length of curves.

A3DDouble m_dGEOMDeviationCentroid

(mm) Centroid of solids.

A3DDouble m_dGEOMDeviationIndependentSurfaceCentroid

(mm) Centroid of Surfaces.

A3DDouble m_dGEOMDeviationIndependentCurveCentroid

(mm) Centroid of curves.

A3DDouble m_dGEOMDeviationPointSetCentroid

(mm) Centroid of points set .

A3DDouble m_dGEOMDeviationBoundingBox

(mm) Bounding box of any geometry.

A3DDouble m_dPMIPercentAffectedArea

(%) Total area of the faces or surfaces the PMI is attached to.

A3DDouble m_dPMIPercentAffectedCurveLength

(%) Total curve length of the edges or curves the PMI is attached to.

A3DDouble m_dPMIPercentCurveLength

(%) Total length of the PMI wireframe part.

A3DDouble m_dPMIPercentSurfaceArea

(%) Total surface of the PMI tessellated part.

A3DDouble m_dPMIDeviationCurveCentroid

(mm) Centroid of the PMI wireframe part.

A3DDouble m_dPMIDeviationSurfaceCentroid

(mm) Centroid of the PMI tessellated part.

A3DDouble m_dASMDeviationNotionalSolidsCentroid

(mm) Centroid of the assembly.