Detailed Description

struct A3DTopoCoEdgeData

Co-edge structure.

The following values are defined for the m_ucOrientationWithLoop (orientation between edge and loop) and m_ucOrientationUVWithLoop (orientation between uv_curve and loop) members:



  • 0: Opposite orientation

  • 1: Same orientation

  • 2: Unknown orientation


The m_pUVCurve member must either reference a curve of type kA3DTypeCrvNurbs, or it must be NULL.


Neighbors are connected one to one in a cyclic linked list. No pointer can be repeated in that list.

Public Members

A3DUns8 m_ucOrientationWithLoop

Orientation of the edge with the loop.

A3DUns8 m_ucOrientationUVWithLoop

Orientation of the uv_curve with the loop.

A3DTopoEdge *m_pEdge

Pointer to A3DTopoEdge.

A3DCrvBase *m_pUVCurve

Pointer to parametric space curve.

A3DTopoCoEdge *m_pNeighbor

Pointer to list of neighbors.