Detailed Description

struct A3DTopoContextData

Structure for parsing or creating an A3DTopoContext entity.

The m_ucBehaviour member is an array of bits that uses values from the topology context bitmask definitions (Topology Context Data).




m_dScale is a conversion factor from the unit of the part (which is not mandatory millimeters) to the “unit” of the modeling kernel. In fact, there is NO notion of physical unit at the level of the “TopoContext”. The numbers that are stored there do not have a physical significance by themselves. To interpret them, you should take into account the unit of the part and the “TopoContext” context scale. Then, there can be further scale on the product hierarchy that should be taken into account when converting entities while respecting a given accuracy towards original geometry.

Public Members

A3DUns8 m_ucBehaviour

Array of bits.

A3DDouble m_dGranularity

Minimal size of an edge.

This value is non-dimensional.

A3DDouble m_dTolerance

Global base tolerance used in the context for topological elements.

This value is non-dimensional.

A3DBool m_bHaveSmallestFaceThickness

True if next member is valid.

A3DDouble m_dSmallestThickness

Smallest thickness for a face.

Used in internal loop treatment. Default should be 100 * m_dGranularity.

A3DBool m_bHaveScale

True if next member is valid.

A3DDouble m_dScale

Optional scale to interpret the data of the context.