Detailed Description

struct A3DTopoShellData

Shell structure.

The m_pucOrientationWithShell member is a bit array that denotes the orientation of the surface normal regarding the shell normal. If the shell is closed and otherwise arbitrary, the shell normal points outside the material.




Possible values for the m_pucOrientationWithShell[i] are as follows:

  • 0: Opposite orientations

  • 1: Same orientation for face and shell

  • 2: Unknown orientation

Public Members

A3DBool m_bClosed

Is the Shell closed?

A3DUns32 m_uiFaceSize

The size of m_ppFaces.

A3DTopoFace **m_ppFaces

Array of A3DTopoFace.

A3DUns8 *m_pucOrientationWithShell

For each face, orientation within the shell.