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 HOOPS Exchange Modules
 Base Module
 Library Session FunctionsStarts, configures, and terminates a session with the library
 License moduleMethods and structures dedicated to setting the license
 Custom Memory AllocationSpecifies custom memory-allocation functions
 Custom ReportSpecifies custom reporting of messages
 Custom API Trace functionsSpecifies a custom trace function
 Custom Progress-IndicatorSpecifies a custom progress indicator
 Load / Export ModuleMethods and structures dedicated to reading and writing capabilities
 Load ModuleLoads the model file with information from the input CAD file
 Export ModuleStructures to write the ModelFile defined through this API
 Entity Access and CreationCollection of modules that create and access PRC entities
 Entity TypesDescription of different types of PRC entities
 Feature moduleAccesses to the tree data of a feature based model
 Structure ModuleCreates and accesses structural PRC entities
 Representation Items ModuleCreates and accesses entities that represent Representation items
 Tessellation ModuleCreates and accesses tessellation entities
 Topology ModuleCreates and accesses topological entities
 Geometry ModuleCreates and access entities that represent curves and surfaces
 Markup ModuleCreates and accesses markup entities
 Global Data ModuleAccesses global definitions used by all PRC entities
 Root Entities ModuleCreates and accesses root entities that can be associated with any PRC entity or with any graphics PRC entity
 Miscellaneous ModuleTools and common structures
 Drawing ModuleCreates and accesses entities that represent drawing This module describes the functions and structures that allow you to create and parse Drawings
 Tools Module
 Copy and adapt B-rep model
 Adapt and replace all B-rep in model file
 Delete Entities
 Entity PDF IDs
 Topological item owners
 Physical properties
 Simplify modelfile curves and surfaces as analytic
 Eval on curves and surfaces
 UV Classification
 Project Point Cloud
 Compute Section
 Compare faces
 Compute HLR
 XML Trace File Generation
 Collision computationDetermine if there are interferences between parts from an assembly
 Draw ModuleDraws model file entities using callback functions you provide
 Bit field flag Defining how Linked files are managed, for Revit files.
 GraphicsQuery and manipulate scene and rendering informations
 Bit Field for Behavior on Graphics
 Display Style
 Texture DefinitionDefines a single texture set of parameters, which can be used in a Texture Application
 Texture ApplicationDefines a complete set of textures to apply