Public Roadmap

As of 2022-05-02

This page provides you with some insights about the HOOPS Exchange roadmap. If you are interested in providing input or collaborating on any of the projects below, please contact HOOPS Exchange's Product Manager or Tech Soft 3D support.

Release Plan

HOOPS Exchange release schedule consists in a major release and two service packs per year.

Minor updates might be released in between according to needs:

  • Fix regressions or high priority issues
  • Deliver updated formats to reduce availability delays

Release Schedule

Provisional dates – Subject to change

Version Release Date
HE 2022 U1 2022-03-01
HE 2022 U2 2022-03-15
HE 2022 SP1 2022-05-02
HE 2022 SP1 U1 2022-05-22
HE 2022 SP2 2022-07-13
HE 2022 SP2 U1 2022-08-03
HE 2023 2022-12-14

Format Updates Plan

Provisional plan – Subject to change

Format Version
Parasolid 34.0 HE 2022
SolidWorks 2022 HE 2022 U1
Solid Edge 2022 HE 2022 U1
NX 2007 (2021 Dec. version) HE 2022 U2
REVIT 2022 HE 2022 SP1
JT 10.6 HE 2022 SP1
Catia V5_6R2022 HE 2022 SP1 U1
Inventor 2023 HE 2022 SP1 U1
Creo 9 HE 2022 SP2
ACIS HE 2022 SP2
NX (2022 June Version) HE 2022 SP2 U1
Parasolid HE 2022 SP2 U1
Solid Edge 2023 HE 2023
SolidWorks 2023 HE 2023
REVIT 2023 HE 2023
NX (2022 Dec. Version) HE 2023 U1

Short-term projects

Projects planned to be delivered in next release (next 4 months)

  • New format support: Navisworks Reader
    • Navisworks is a 3D design review solution used primarily in construction industries.
    • This project will focus on the NWD format which corresponds to a publishing of a project, including all loaded models, the environment, views and saved viewpoints.
    • The first version of the Navisworks Reader will be delivered as a Beta version during the first half of year 2022.
  • Introduce new options for point projection
    • Support Sphere projection
    • Ability to define preferred surfaces for projection calculation for thin parts
  • Hoops Exchange Parasolid bridge availability on Mac Intel & ARM

Mid-term projects

Planned or on-going projects that might be delivered mid-term (in one or two releases) – After 4 months / before 12 months

  • Semantic data: support of visual models
    • The support of visual models’ appearances (material, textures, decals) is meant for high fidelity rendering and full-color printing of parts and will serve PLM/Visualization as well as Manufacturing as a Service applications. The scope of this project is to improve the support of SolidWorks appearances by adding the surfacic projection for textures as well as decals.
  • Official support for C# language bindings
  • New format support: DGN Reader
    • DGN MicroStation is a CAD software platform developed by Bentley Systems and used in the architectural and engineering industries.
  • Support DRACO compression for glTF format (Reader)

Long-term projects

Longer term projects we are considering

  • New format support: IFC Export
    • This new export capability will help design applications in manufacturing, plant design, ship building spaces to share their data with BIM applications. For example, an assembly designed in a CAD software will be shared with a BIM application to federate models. The first version of the IFC Writer will support a subset of the IFC classes and will be delivered as a Beta version during the year 2022.
  • New format support: PLM/XML reader
    • PLM/XML format is an XML-based file format designed by Siemens PLM Software to facilitate interaction in product lifecycle management.