A3DCopyAndAdaptBrepModelData Struct Reference

Copy and convert to NURBS parameter. More...

Data Fields

A3DBool m_bAllowUVCrossingSeams
A3DBool m_bClampTolerantUVCurvesInsideUVDomain
A3DBool m_bContinueOnError
A3DBool m_bDeleteCrossingUV
A3DBool m_bForceCompute3D
A3DBool m_bForceComputeUV
A3DBool m_bForceDuplicateGeometries
A3DBool m_bSplitClosedFaces
A3DBool m_bSplitFaces
A3DBool m_bUseSameParam
A3DDouble m_dTol
A3DUns32 m_uiAcceptableCurvesSize
A3DUns32 m_uiAcceptableSurfacesSize

Detailed Description

Copy and convert to NURBS parameter.

Field Documentation

◆ m_bUseSameParam

A3DBool A3DCopyAndAdaptBrepModelData::m_bUseSameParam

If A3D_TRUE, surfaces will keep their parametrization when converted to NURBS.

◆ m_dTol

A3DDouble A3DCopyAndAdaptBrepModelData::m_dTol

Tolerance value of resulting B-rep. The value is relative to the scale of the model.

◆ m_bDeleteCrossingUV

A3DBool A3DCopyAndAdaptBrepModelData::m_bDeleteCrossingUV

If A3D_TRUE, UV curves that cross seams of periodic surfaces are replaced by 3D curves

◆ m_bSplitFaces

A3DBool A3DCopyAndAdaptBrepModelData::m_bSplitFaces

If A3D_TRUE, the faces with a periodic basis surface are split on parametric seams

◆ m_bSplitClosedFaces

A3DBool A3DCopyAndAdaptBrepModelData::m_bSplitClosedFaces

If A3D_TRUE, the faces with a closed basis surface are split into faces at the parametric seam and mid-parameter

◆ m_bForceComputeUV

A3DBool A3DCopyAndAdaptBrepModelData::m_bForceComputeUV

If A3D_TRUE, UV curves are computed from the B-rep data

◆ m_bAllowUVCrossingSeams

A3DBool A3DCopyAndAdaptBrepModelData::m_bAllowUVCrossingSeams

If A3D_TRUE and m_bForceComputeUV is set to A3D_TRUE, computed UV curves can cross seams. It will be automatically disabled if m_bSplitFaces or m_bSplitClosedFaces are set to A3D_TRUE.


◆ m_bForceCompute3D

A3DBool A3DCopyAndAdaptBrepModelData::m_bForceCompute3D

If A3D_TRUE, 3D curves are computed from the B-rep data

◆ m_uiAcceptableSurfacesSize

A3DUns32 A3DCopyAndAdaptBrepModelData::m_uiAcceptableSurfacesSize

Length of m_puiAcceptableSurfaces array

◆ m_puiAcceptableSurfaces

A3DUns32* A3DCopyAndAdaptBrepModelData::m_puiAcceptableSurfaces

A list of acceptable surface types that your modeler can handle. Acceptable surface types are listed in A3DSDKTypes.h and begin with 'kA3DTypeSurf'

◆ m_uiAcceptableCurvesSize

A3DUns32 A3DCopyAndAdaptBrepModelData::m_uiAcceptableCurvesSize

Length of m_puiAcceptableCurves array

◆ m_puiAcceptableCurves

A3DUns32* A3DCopyAndAdaptBrepModelData::m_puiAcceptableCurves

A list of acceptable curve types that your modeler can handle. Acceptable curve types are listed in A3DSDKTypes.h and begin with 'kA3DTypeCrv'

◆ m_bContinueOnError

A3DBool A3DCopyAndAdaptBrepModelData::m_bContinueOnError

Continue processing even if an error occurs. Use A3DCopyAndAdaptBrepModelAdvanced to get the error status.

◆ m_bClampTolerantUVCurvesInsideUVDomain

A3DBool A3DCopyAndAdaptBrepModelData::m_bClampTolerantUVCurvesInsideUVDomain

If A3D_FALSE, UV curves may stray outside the UV domain as long as the 3D edge tolerance is respected. If set to A3D_TRUE, the UV curves will be clamped to the UV domain (if the clamp still leaves them within the edge tolerance).

◆ m_bForceDuplicateGeometries

A3DBool A3DCopyAndAdaptBrepModelData::m_bForceDuplicateGeometries

If A3D_TRUE, break the sharing of surfaces and curves into topologies.