#include <sprk.h>

Inheritance diagram for HPS::Capture:
HPS::Component HPS::Sprocket HPS::Object HPS::DWG::Layout HPS::Exchange::Capture

Public Member Functions

View Activate ()
 Capture ()
 Capture (Component const &in_that)
 Capture (Capture const &in_that)
 Capture (Capture &&in_that)
HPS::Type ObjectType () const
Captureoperator= (Capture &&in_that)
- Public Member Functions inherited from HPS::Component
void AddKey (Key const &in_key)
void AddOwner (Component &in_owner, IncludeKey const &in_include=IncludeKey())
void AddReference (Component &in_reference)
bool AddTransform (MatrixKit const &in_transform)
virtual void Assign (Component const &in_that)
 Component ()
 Component (Component const &in_that)
 Component (Component &&in_that)
Component CopyTo (HPS::Component const &in_new_owner)
void Delete (HPS::Component::DeleteMode mode=HPS::Component::DeleteMode::Standard)
bool Equals (Component const &in_that) const
void Flush ()
MetadataArray GetAllMetadata () const
ComponentArray GetAllSubcomponents (ComponentType in_type) const
ComponentType GetComponentType () const
KeyArray GetKeys () const
Metadata GetMetadata (char const *in_name) const
UTF8 GetName () const
ComponentArray GetOwners () const
ComponentArray GetReferences () const
ComponentArray GetReferrers () const
ComponentArray GetSubcomponents () const
bool HasComponentType (ComponentType in_mask) const
bool operator!= (Component const &in_that) const
Componentoperator= (Component const &in_that)
Componentoperator= (Component &&in_that)
bool operator== (Component const &in_that) const
bool SetName (char const *in_new_name)
bool SetTransform (MatrixKit const &in_transform)
virtual ~Component ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from HPS::Sprocket
Sprocket (Sprocket &&in_that)
- Public Member Functions inherited from HPS::Object
virtual bool Empty () const
intptr_t GetClassID () const
intptr_t GetInstanceID () const
bool HasType (HPS::Type in_mask) const
Object (Object const &that)
 Object (Object &&in_that)
Objectoperator= (Object const &other_object)
Objectoperator= (Object &&in_that)
virtual void Reset ()
virtual HPS::Type Type () const

Static Public Attributes

static const HPS::Type staticType = HPS::Type::Capture
- Static Public Attributes inherited from HPS::Component
static const HPS::Type staticType = HPS::Type::Component
- Static Public Attributes inherited from HPS::Object
static const HPS::Type staticType = HPS::Type::None

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from HPS::Component
enum  ComponentType : uint32_t {
None = 0x00000000, GenericMask = 0xfffff000, ComponentType::ExchangeComponentMask = 0x00001000, ComponentType::ExchangeModelFile = 0x00001001,
ComponentType::ExchangeProductOccurrence = 0x00001002, ComponentType::ExchangePartDefinition = 0x00001003, ComponentType::ExchangeView = 0x00001004, ComponentType::ExchangeFilter = 0x00001005,
ComponentType::ExchangeRepresentationItemMask = 0x00003000, ComponentType::ExchangeRIBRepModel = 0x00003001, ComponentType::ExchangeRICurve = 0x00003002, ComponentType::ExchangeRIDirection = 0x00003003,
ComponentType::ExchangeRIPlane = 0x00003004, ComponentType::ExchangeRIPointSet = 0x00003005, ComponentType::ExchangeRIPolyBRepModel = 0x00003006, ComponentType::ExchangeRIPolyWire = 0x00003007,
ComponentType::ExchangeRISet = 0x00003008, ComponentType::ExchangeRICoordinateSystem = 0x00003009, ComponentType::ExchangeTopologyMask = 0x00005000, ComponentType::ExchangeTopoBody = 0x00005001,
ComponentType::ExchangeTopoConnex = 0x00005002, ComponentType::ExchangeTopoShell = 0x00005003, ComponentType::ExchangeTopoFace = 0x00005004, ComponentType::ExchangeTopoLoop = 0x00005005,
ComponentType::ExchangeTopoCoEdge = 0x00005006, ComponentType::ExchangeTopoEdge = 0x00005007, ComponentType::ExchangeTopoVertex = 0x00005008, ComponentType::ExchangeTopoSingleWireBody = 0x00005009,
ComponentType::ExchangeTopoWireEdge = 0x0000500a, ComponentType::ExchangeDrawingMask = 0x00009000, ComponentType::ExchangeDrawingModel = 0x00009001, ComponentType::ExchangeDrawingView = 0x00009002,
ComponentType::ExchangeDrawingSheet = 0x00009003, ComponentType::ExchangeBasicDrawingBlock = 0x00009004, ComponentType::ExchangeOperatorDrawingBlock = 0x00009005, ComponentType::ExchangePMIMask = 0x00011000,
ComponentType::ExchangePMI = ExchangePMIMask, ComponentType::ExchangePMIText = 0x00011100, ComponentType::ExchangePMIRichText = 0x00011200, ComponentType::ExchangePMIRoughness = 0x00011300,
ComponentType::ExchangePMIGDT = 0x00011400, ComponentType::ExchangePMIDatum = 0x00011500, ComponentType::ExchangePMILineWelding = 0x00011600, ComponentType::ExchangePMISpotWelding = 0x00011700,
ComponentType::ExchangePMIDimension = 0x00011800, ComponentType::ExchangePMIBalloon = 0x00011900, ComponentType::ExchangePMICoordinate = 0x00011a00, ComponentType::ExchangePMIFastener = 0x00011b00,
ComponentType::ExchangePMILocator = 0x00011c00, ComponentType::ExchangePMIMeasurementPoint = 0x00011d00, ComponentType::ParasolidComponentMask = 0x00020000, ComponentType::ParasolidModelFile = 0x00020001,
ComponentType::ParasolidAssembly = 0x00020002, ComponentType::ParasolidInstance = 0x00020003, ComponentType::ParasolidTopologyMask = 0x00060000, ComponentType::ParasolidTopoBody = 0x00060001,
ComponentType::ParasolidTopoRegion = 0x00060002, ComponentType::ParasolidTopoShell = 0x00060003, ComponentType::ParasolidTopoFace = 0x00060004, ComponentType::ParasolidTopoLoop = 0x00060005,
ComponentType::ParasolidTopoFin = 0x00060006, ComponentType::ParasolidTopoEdge = 0x00060007, ComponentType::ParasolidTopoVertex = 0x00060008, ComponentType::DWGComponentMask = 0x00100000,
ComponentType::DWGModelFile = 0x00100001, ComponentType::DWGLayout = 0x00100002, ComponentType::DWGBlockTable = 0x00100003, ComponentType::DWGBlockTableRecord = 0x00100004,
ComponentType::DWGEntity = 0x00100005, ComponentType::DWGLayerTable = 0x00100006, ComponentType::DWGLayer = 0x00100007, ComponentType::UserComponent = 0x01000000

enum  DeleteMode { Standard, Full, StandardAndExchange }
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from HPS::Component
static KeyPathArray GetKeyPath (Component const &in_component)
static KeyPathArray GetKeyPath (size_t in_count, Component const in_components[])
static KeyPathArray GetKeyPath (ComponentArray const &in_components)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from HPS::Object
template<typename T >
static intptr_t ClassID ()

Detailed Description

The Capture class is a smart pointer. It represents a capture, i.e., a collection of visibility settings, material settings, transformation settings, and camera, for a CADModel.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Capture() [1/4]

HPS::Capture::Capture ( )

The default constructor creates an uninitialized Capture object. The Type() function will return Type::None.

◆ Capture() [2/4]

HPS::Capture::Capture ( Component const &  in_that)

This constructor creates a Capture object that shares the underlying smart-pointer of the source Component. The copy will only be successful if the source component is really an upcast of a Capture object. Otherwise the copy will fail and the resulting Capture will be invalid.

in_thatThe source Component to copy.

◆ Capture() [3/4]

HPS::Capture::Capture ( Capture const &  in_that)

The copy constructor creates a Capture object that shares the underlying smart-pointer of the source Capture.

in_thatThe source Capture to copy.

◆ Capture() [4/4]

HPS::Capture::Capture ( Capture &&  in_that)

The move constructor creates a Capture by transferring the underlying object of the rvalue reference to this Capture.

in_thatAn rvalue reference to a Capture to take the underlying object from.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Activate()

View HPS::Capture::Activate ( )

Creates a new View object corresponding to this Capture. The View object that is returned will have the corresponding visibility settings, material settings, transformation settings, and camera from this Capture set on it.

A newly created View object corresponding to this Capture.

◆ ObjectType()

HPS::Type HPS::Capture::ObjectType ( ) const

This function returns the type the object, as declared (if the object is derived, this does not give the true type of the derived object).

The declared type of the object in question, which may differ from the true, underlying type.

Reimplemented from HPS::Component.

Reimplemented in HPS::Exchange::Capture, and HPS::DWG::Layout.

◆ operator=()

Capture& HPS::Capture::operator= ( Capture &&  in_that)

The move assignment operator transfers the underlying object of the rvalue reference to this Capture.

in_thatAn rvalue reference to a Capture to take the underlying object from.
A reference to this Capture.

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