HPS::DrawWindowEvent Class Reference

#include <hps.h>

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Public Types

enum  BackgroundTextureFormat { BackgroundTextureFormat::RGBA, BackgroundTextureFormat::BGRA, BackgroundTextureFormat::ImageExternal, BackgroundTextureFormat::LumaChromaPair }
- Public Types inherited from HPS::DriverEvent
enum  StereoMatrix { ViewLeft, ViewRight, ProjectionLeft, ProjectionRight }

Public Member Functions

void DrawTexturedBackground (OpaqueHandle in_texture, BackgroundTextureFormat in_format, MatrixKit const &in_matrix, IntRectangle const &in_extent) const
DrawWindowEvent (OpaqueHandle in_nr=0)
virtual ~DrawWindowEvent ()
 The screen extent for the window being drawn.
- Public Member Functions inherited from HPS::DriverEvent
intptr_t GetClassID () const
OpaqueHandle GetGraphicsContext () const
OpaqueHandle GetSurface (int index) const
void SetStereoMatrix (StereoMatrix id, HPS::MatrixKit const &in_matrix) const

Public Attributes

IntRectangle Extent

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from HPS::DriverEvent
DriverEvent (OpaqueHandle in_nr)
- Protected Attributes inherited from HPS::DriverEvent
OpaqueHandle nr

Detailed Description

The DrawWindowEvent class is the event generated when the driver draws the window background for each subwindow.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ BackgroundTextureFormat

Enumerates the various texture formats supported by the DrawTexturedBackground function .


Handle to single GL_RGBA format texture.


Same as RGBA but with swapped red and blue channels.


Handle to single OES_EGL_image_external texture.


Pointer to array of two texture handles for a YCbCr texture pair (For OpenGL ES, the formats should be GL_LUMINANCE and GL_LUMINANCE_ALPHA. For Metal, the formats should be MTLPixelFormatR8Unorm and MTLPixelFormatRG8Unorm).

Member Function Documentation

◆ DrawTexturedBackground()

void HPS::DrawWindowEvent::DrawTexturedBackground ( OpaqueHandle  in_texture,
BackgroundTextureFormat  in_format,
MatrixKit const &  in_matrix,
IntRectangle const &  in_extent 
) const

Function for drawing a platform-specific texture in place of the normal window background.

in_textureThe platform-specific texture handle(s)
in_formatThe format of the texture(s) provided through the 'in_texture' parameter.
in_matrixA transformation to apply to the uv coordinates used to draw the texture to the window.
in_extentThe screen extent for the window background to be drawn.

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