HPS::Hardcopy::File Class Reference

#include <hps.h>


class  ExportOptionsKit

Public Types

enum  Driver : uint32_t { PDF, Postscript }

Static Public Member Functions

static IOResult Export (char const *in_filename, Driver in_driver_type, HPS::WindowKey const &in_window, ExportOptionsKit const &in_options)

Detailed Description

Encapsulates all the functions and options related to exporting HPS::Hardcopy files.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Driver

enum HPS::Hardcopy::File::Driver : uint32_t

The Driver indicates whether the hardcopy will be exported as PDF or Postscript

Member Function Documentation

◆ Export()

static IOResult HPS::Hardcopy::File::Export ( char const *  in_filename,
Driver  in_driver_type,
HPS::WindowKey const &  in_window,
ExportOptionsKit const &  in_options 

Export to a PDF or Postscript file

in_filenameThe name of the output file to export
in_driver_typeThe hardcopy driver to use.
in_windowThe window to print.
in_optionsExport options such as resolution, size and wysiwyg.

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