HPS::OOC::NodeHandle Class Reference

Public Member Functions

bool Empty () const
bool Equals (NodeHandle const &other) const
HPS::SegmentKey GetSegment () const
HPS::ShellKey GetShell () const
NodeHandle (NodeHandle &&that)
bool operator!= (NodeHandle const &other) const
NodeHandleoperator= (NodeHandle &&other)
bool operator== (NodeHandle const &other) const


class HPS::OOC::FilterForwarder
class HPS::OOC::PointCloud
class HPS::OOC::QueryIterator
class HPS::OOC::SynchronizedActions

Member Function Documentation

◆ Empty()

bool HPS::OOC::NodeHandle::Empty ( ) const

Check the state of the NodeHandle.

Returns true if this NodeHandle doesn't exist.

◆ GetSegment()

HPS::SegmentKey HPS::OOC::NodeHandle::GetSegment ( ) const

Get the SegementKey associated with this node.

Returns the SegmentKey, if any.

◆ GetShell()

HPS::ShellKey HPS::OOC::NodeHandle::GetShell ( ) const

Get the ShellKey associated with this node. This is unsynchronized.

Returns the ShellKey, if any.

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