Public Member Functions

bool Equals (Point_2D const &p, int in_tolerance=32) const
bool operator!= (Point_2D const &p) const
Point_2D const operator* (F s) const
Point_2D const operator* (Vector_2D< F > const &v) const
Point_2Doperator*= (F s)
Point_2Doperator*= (Vector_2D< F > const &v)
Point_2D const operator+ (Vector_2D< F > const &v) const
Point_2Doperator+= (Vector_2D< F > const &v)
Point_2D const operator- () const
Vector_2D< F > const operator- (Point_2D const &p) const
Point_2D const operator- (Vector_2D< F > const &v) const
Point_2Doperator-= (Vector_2D< F > const &v)
Point_2D const operator/ (F s) const
Point_2D const operator/ (Vector_2D< F > const &v) const
Point_2Doperator/= (F s)
Point_2Doperator/= (Vector_2D< F > const &v)
bool operator== (Point_2D const &p) const
F & operator[] (size_t i)
F const & operator[] (size_t i) const
Point_2D (F v1, F v2)
template<typename D >
 Point_2D (Point_2D< D > const &that)
Point_2D (Point_3D< F > const &that)
Point_2D (Vector_2D< F > const &v)

Static Public Member Functions

static HPS_INLINE Point_2D Origin ()
static HPS_INLINE Point_2D Zero ()

Public Attributes


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