Public Member Functions

float Distance (RGBColor const &other_color) const
HPS_INLINE bool Equals (RGBColor const &c, int in_tolerance=32) const
HPS_INLINE float Gray () const
HPS_INLINE bool IsGray () const
HPS_INLINE bool IsValid () const
HPS_INLINE bool operator!= (RGBColor const &c) const
HPS_INLINE RGBColor const operator* (RGBColor const &c) const
HPS_INLINE RGBColor const operator* (float s) const
HPS_INLINE RGBColoroperator*= (RGBColor const &c)
HPS_INLINE RGBColoroperator*= (float s)
HPS_INLINE RGBColor const operator+ (RGBColor const &c) const
HPS_INLINE RGBColor const operator+ (float s) const
HPS_INLINE RGBColoroperator+= (RGBColor const &c)
HPS_INLINE RGBColoroperator+= (float s)
HPS_INLINE RGBColor const operator- (RGBColor const &c) const
HPS_INLINE RGBColor const operator- (float s) const
HPS_INLINE RGBColoroperator-= (RGBColor const &c)
HPS_INLINE RGBColoroperator-= (float s)
HPS_INLINE RGBColor const operator/ (float s) const
HPS_INLINE RGBColoroperator/= (float s)
HPS_INLINE bool operator== (RGBColor const &c) const
HPS_INLINE RGBColor (float r, float g, float b)
HPS_INLINE RGBColor (RGB24Color const &c24)
HPS_INLINE RGBColor (float gray)
HPS_INLINE RGBColor (RGBAS32Color const &c32)
HPS_INLINE RGBColor (RGBA32Color const &c32)
HPS_INLINE RGBColor (RGBAColor const &c)
void ShowHIC (float &out_hue, float &out_intensity, float &out_chromaticity) const
void ShowHLS (float &out_hue, float &out_lightness, float &out_saturation) const
void ShowHSV (float &out_hue, float &out_saturation, float &out_value) const

Static Public Member Functions

static HPS_INLINE RGBColor Black ()
static RGBColor HIC (float in_hue, float in_intensity, float in_chromaticity)
static RGBColor HLS (float in_hue, float in_lightness, float in_saturation)
static RGBColor HSV (float in_hue, float in_saturation, float in_value)
static HPS_INLINE RGBColor Invalid ()
static HPS_INLINE RGBColor White ()

Public Attributes

float blue
float green
float red

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