HPS::Stream::UserDataImportEvent Class Reference

#include <hps.h>

Inheritance diagram for HPS::Stream::UserDataImportEvent:

Public Member Functions

UserDataImportEvent (HPS::Key &in_key, intptr_t in_index, size_t in_count, HPS::byte const in_data[])
- Public Member Functions inherited from HPS::Stream::ImportEvent
intptr_t GetClassID () const

Public Attributes

intptr_t index
HPS::Key key
HPS::ByteArray user_data

Detailed Description

This class indicates that user data contained within the database (associated with either a segment or geometry key) is being imported by Stream.

Member Data Documentation

◆ user_data

HPS::ByteArray HPS::Stream::UserDataImportEvent::user_data

An HPS::ByteArray of user data that is associated with the database.

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