SpaceMouseOperator Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SpaceMouseOperator:
HPS::Operator HPS::Sprocket HPS::Object

Public Member Functions

virtual HPS::UTF8 GetName () const override
void HandleButtons (unsigned char const buttons[32])
virtual void OnModelAttached () override
virtual bool OnTimerTick (HPS::TimerTickEvent const &in_event) override
virtual void OnViewAttached (HPS::View const &attached_view) override
SpaceMouseOperator (HPS::WindowHandle in_window_handle, Canvas const &in_canvas)
- Public Member Functions inherited from HPS::Operator
virtual void Assign (Operator const &in_that)
void DetachView ()
virtual bool Equals (Operator const &in_that) const
View GetAttachedView () const
ModifierKeys GetModifierTrigger () const
MouseButtons GetMouseTrigger () const
virtual bool IsMouseTriggered (MouseState const &in_state)
HPS::Type ObjectType () const
virtual bool OnKeyDown (KeyboardState const &in_state)
virtual bool OnKeyUp (KeyboardState const &in_state)
virtual void OnModelDetached ()
virtual bool OnMouseDown (MouseState const &in_state)
virtual bool OnMouseEnter (MouseState const &in_state)
virtual bool OnMouseLeave (MouseState const &in_state)
virtual bool OnMouseMove (MouseState const &in_state)
virtual bool OnMouseUp (MouseState const &in_state)
virtual bool OnMouseWheel (MouseState const &in_state)
virtual bool OnTextInput (HPS::UTF8 const &in_text)
virtual bool OnTouchDown (TouchState const &in_state)
virtual bool OnTouchMove (TouchState const &in_state)
virtual bool OnTouchUp (TouchState const &in_state)
virtual void OnViewDetached (HPS::View const &in_detached_view)
Operator (MouseButtons in_mouse_trigger=MouseButtons::ButtonLeft(), ModifierKeys in_modifier_trigger=ModifierKeys())
Operator (Operator const &in_that)
virtual bool operator!= (Operator const &in_that) const
virtual Operatoroperator= (Operator const &in_that)
virtual bool operator== (Operator const &in_that) const
void SetModifierTrigger (ModifierKeys in_modifiers)
void SetMouseTrigger (MouseButtons in_buttons)
- Public Member Functions inherited from HPS::Sprocket
Sprocket (Sprocket &&in_that)
- Public Member Functions inherited from HPS::Object
virtual bool Empty () const
intptr_t GetClassID () const
intptr_t GetInstanceID () const
bool HasType (HPS::Type in_mask) const
Object (Object const &that)
 Object (Object &&in_that)
Objectoperator= (Object const &other_object)
Objectoperator= (Object &&in_that)
virtual void Reset ()
virtual HPS::Type Type () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from HPS::Operator
enum  Priority { Low, Default, High }
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from HPS::Object
template<typename T >
static intptr_t ClassID ()
- Static Public Attributes inherited from HPS::Operator
static const HPS::Type staticType = HPS::Type::Operator
- Static Public Attributes inherited from HPS::Object
static const HPS::Type staticType = HPS::Type::None
- Protected Attributes inherited from HPS::Operator
HPS::ModifierKeys modifier_trigger
HPS::MouseButtons mouse_trigger

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetName()

virtual HPS::UTF8 SpaceMouseOperator::GetName ( ) const

Returns the name of the Operator.

Reimplemented from HPS::Operator.

◆ OnModelAttached()

virtual void SpaceMouseOperator::OnModelAttached ( )

This function is called whenever a model is attached to the view that is attached to this operator. If no view is attached to this operator, this function will not be called.

Reimplemented from HPS::Operator.

◆ OnTimerTick()

virtual bool SpaceMouseOperator::OnTimerTick ( HPS::TimerTickEvent const &  in_event)

This function is called whenever HPS receives a TimerTickEvent.

in_eventA TimerTickEvent object describing the current event state.
true if the input event was handled, false otherwise.

Reimplemented from HPS::Operator.

◆ OnViewAttached()

virtual void SpaceMouseOperator::OnViewAttached ( HPS::View const &  in_attached_view)

This function is called whenever a view is attached to this operator.

in_attached_viewThe view attached to this operator.

Reimplemented from HPS::Operator.

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