HPS.D3DImageCanvas Class Reference
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HPS.Canvas HPS.Sprocket HPS.Object

Public Member Functions

 D3DImageCanvas (HPS.OffScreenWindowOptionsKit in_options, string in_name, int in_width=800, int in_height=800)
override void Dispose ()
virtual void OnSizeChanged (object sender, Size in_new_size, bool in_do_resize)
- Public Member Functions inherited from HPS.Canvas
void Assign (HPS.Canvas in_that)
void AttachLayout (HPS.Layout in_layout)
void AttachViewAsLayout (HPS.View in_view)
 Canvas (HPS.Canvas that)
void Delete ()
void DetachLayout ()
override bool Equals (System.Object obj)
bool Equals (HPS.Canvas in_that)
HPS.Layout GetAttachedLayout ()
HPS.IncludeKey GetAttachedLayoutIncludeLink ()
float GetFrameRate ()
HPS.View GetFrontView ()
override int GetHashCode ()
string GetName ()
HPS.PortfolioKey GetPortfolioKey ()
HPS.WindowKey GetWindowKey ()
override HPS.Type ObjectType ()
void SetFrameRate (float in_frame_rate)
void SetFrameRate ()
void Update ()
void Update (HPS.Window.UpdateType in_type, double in_time_limit)
void Update (HPS.Window.UpdateType in_type)
HPS.UpdateNotifier UpdateWithNotifier ()
HPS.UpdateNotifier UpdateWithNotifier (HPS.Window.UpdateType in_type, double in_time_limit)
HPS.UpdateNotifier UpdateWithNotifier (HPS.Window.UpdateType in_type)
- Public Member Functions inherited from HPS.Sprocket
 Sprocket (HPS.Sprocket in_that)
- Public Member Functions inherited from HPS.Object
virtual bool Empty ()
IntPtr GetClassID ()
IntPtr GetInstanceID ()
bool HasType (HPS.Type in_mask)
 Object (HPS.Object that)
virtual void Reset ()
virtual HPS.Type Type ()


ImageSource ImageSource [get]

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from HPS.Canvas
static bool operator!= (HPS.Canvas a, HPS.Canvas b)
static bool operator== (HPS.Canvas a, HPS.Canvas b)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from HPS.Object
static IntPtr ClassID< T > ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from HPS.Canvas
override void deleteCptr ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from HPS.Sprocket
override void deleteCptr ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from HPS.Object
virtual IntPtr GetNonDirectorClassID ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from HPS.Object
bool cMemOwn
HandleRef cptr

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ D3DImageCanvas()

HPS.D3DImageCanvas.D3DImageCanvas ( HPS.OffScreenWindowOptionsKit  in_options,
string  in_name,
int  in_width = 800,
int  in_height = 800 

Constructs a new D3DImageCanvas.

in_optionsOptions for the underlying offscreen window.
in_nameAn optional name for the canvas.
in_widthThe desired initial canvas width in pixels.
in_heightThe desired initial canvas height in pixels.

Member Function Documentation

◆ OnSizeChanged()

virtual void HPS.D3DImageCanvas.OnSizeChanged ( object  sender,
Size  in_new_size,
bool  in_do_resize 

Intended for forwarding of resize events from the parent window and throttling them to ensure not too many updates are performed while the window is being resized rapidly.

in_new_sizeThe new size in pixels.
in_do_resizeRequest an update on the next internal size timer tick (200ms interval).

Property Documentation

◆ ImageSource

ImageSource HPS.D3DImageCanvas.ImageSource

The associated ImageSource containing the rendered canvas content.

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