Inheritance diagram for HPS.Emergency:

Public Types

enum  Code : uint { Code.Unknown = 0x00000000, Code.Fatal = 0x00000001, Code.SoftMemoryLimit = 0x00000002, Code.HardMemoryLimit = 0x00000003 }

Public Member Functions

virtual void Dispose ()
 Emergency (HPS.Emergency in_that)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void deleteCptr ()

Protected Attributes

bool cMemOwn
HandleRef cptr

Detailed Description

The Emergency class is a concept class for Emergency codes.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Code

enum HPS.Emergency.Code : uint

This describe the types of conditions that can trigger an EmergencyHandler.


Emergencies type unknown.


Fatal fault has occurred. Saving the Database is not possible and the EmergencyHandler must abort. After a fatal error, no Visualize functions may be called - to do so will result in a crash or deadlock.


Soft memory limit breached. This limit is considered to be breached when Visualize has allocated the amount of memory specified by a previous call to HPS.Database.SetSoftMemoryLimit.


Hard memory limit breached. This limit is considered to be breached when an operating system memory allocation has failed, and indicates that Visualize is not able to allocate memory required for proceeding with normal operation.

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