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HPS.AnnotationOperator.AnnotationInsertedEvent HPS.CameraChangedEvent HPS.CanvasDeletedEvent HPS.CaptureActivationEvent HPS.ComponentHiddenEvent HPS.ComponentHighlightEvent HPS.ComponentIsolatedEvent HPS.ComponentResetEvent HPS.ComponentShownEvent HPS.ErrorEvent HPS.Exchange.CommonMeasurementOperator.MeasurementDeletedEvent HPS.Exchange.CommonMeasurementOperator.MeasurementInsertedEvent HPS.FilterActivationEvent HPS.FocusLostEvent HPS.HandlesOperator.GeometryTransformedEvent HPS.HCA.RequestIdEvent HPS.HideKeyboardEvent HPS.HighlightEvent HPS.ImportStatusEvent HPS.InformationEvent HPS.InputEvent HPS.LayoutDeletedEvent HPS.LayoutDetachedEvent HPS.MarkupOperator.MarkupInsertedEvent HPS.MeasurementOperator.MeasurementEvent HPS.ModelDeletedEvent HPS.ModelDetachedEvent HPS.ShowKeyboardEvent HPS.SmoothTransitionCompleteEvent HPS.StandAloneWindowEvent HPS.Stream.ExportStartedEvent HPS.Stream.ImportCompletedEvent HPS.TextInputEvent HPS.TimerTickEvent HPS.UpdateCompletedEvent HPS.ViewDeletedEvent HPS.ViewDetachedEvent HPS.WarningEvent


class  EventUnknown

Public Types

enum  Status : uint { Status.InProgress = 0x00000000, Status.Completed = 0x00000001, Status.Failed = 0x00000002 }

Public Member Functions

abstract HPS.Event Clone ()
virtual void Dispose ()
virtual bool Drop (HPS.Event in_that_event)
delegate void DtorDelegate (IntPtr cPtr)
 Event (IntPtr in_channel)
 Event ()
Event (HPS.Event in_that)
virtual IntPtr Freshen ()
IntPtr GetChannel ()
IntPtr GetClassID ()
double GetTimeStamp ()
bool IsConsumable ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void deleteCptr ()
virtual bool DerivedClassHasMethod (string methodName, System.Type[] methodTypes)
virtual IntPtr GetNonDirectorClassID ()
virtual bool IsUserDerived ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static void DtorCallback (IntPtr p)

Protected Attributes

bool cMemOwn
HandleRef cptr

Static Protected Attributes

static Dictionary< IntPtr, EventcachedObjects = new Dictionary<IntPtr, Event>()
static ReaderWriterLockSlim mapLock = new ReaderWriterLockSlim(LockRecursionPolicy.SupportsRecursion)

Detailed Description

The Event class is the common base class of all events. An event can be an error, input event, or a custom event. Events occur asynchronously and are processed in order from an event queue.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Status

enum HPS.Event.Status : uint

Event Status - returned from a notifier to give the status of the event.


Event is still in progress.


Event has completed.


Event failed.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Event() [1/2]

HPS.Event.Event ( IntPtr  in_channel)

A constructor for generating events from built-in or custom event ID's.

◆ Event() [2/2]

HPS.Event.Event ( )

A constructor for generating events from built-in or custom event ID's.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Clone()

◆ Drop()

virtual bool HPS.Event.Drop ( HPS.Event  in_that_event)

This optional function is used to determine if the current event can be dropped based on the following event in the queue.

Reimplemented in HPS.Stream.ImportCompletedEvent, HPS.Stream.ExportStartedEvent, HPS.MouseEvent, HPS.TouchEvent, HPS.SmoothTransitionCompleteEvent, HPS.TimerTickEvent, and HPS.CameraChangedEvent.

◆ Freshen()

virtual IntPtr HPS.Event.Freshen ( )

This optional function is used to determine if the current event can be dropped in favor of newer event of the same type if one is available.

A cookie representing the freshen category. Zero indicates a non-freshening event.

Reimplemented in HPS.Stream.ImportCompletedEvent, HPS.Stream.ExportStartedEvent, HPS.MouseEvent, HPS.TimerTickEvent, and HPS.CameraChangedEvent.

◆ GetChannel()

IntPtr HPS.Event.GetChannel ( )

Returns the channel ID assigned to an event.

◆ GetTimeStamp()

double HPS.Event.GetTimeStamp ( )

Returns the time an event was injected into the event queue.

◆ IsConsumable()

bool HPS.Event.IsConsumable ( )

Indicates whether an event will be consumed when it is handled or passed on to the next handler anyway.

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