Inheritance diagram for HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit:
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Public Member Functions

override void Dispose ()
override bool Empty ()
override bool Equals (System.Object obj)
bool Equals (HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit in_kit)
 ExportOBJOptionsKit ()
 ExportOBJOptionsKit (HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit in_kit)
override int GetHashCode ()
override HPS.Type ObjectType ()
void Set (HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit in_kit)
HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit SetTextureFolder (string in_name)
void Show (out HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit out_kit)
bool ShowTextureFolder (out string out_path)
HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit UnsetEverything ()
HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit UnsetTextureFolder ()
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SprocketKit (HPS.SprocketKit in_that)
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Sprocket (HPS.Sprocket in_that)
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IntPtr GetClassID ()
IntPtr GetInstanceID ()
bool HasType (HPS.Type in_mask)
Object (HPS.Object that)
virtual void Reset ()
virtual HPS.Type Type ()

Static Public Member Functions

static HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit GetDefault ()
static bool operator!= (HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit a, HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit b)
static bool operator== (HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit a, HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit b)
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static IntPtr ClassID< T > ()

Protected Member Functions

override void deleteCptr ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from HPS.Object
virtual IntPtr GetNonDirectorClassID ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from HPS.Object
bool cMemOwn
HandleRef cptr

Detailed Description

The HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit class is a user space object. It contains settings controlling how OBJ data is exported via Exchange. Calling HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit.GetDefault() will return an options kit with values found in here.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ExportOBJOptionsKit() [1/2]

HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit.ExportOBJOptionsKit ( )

The default constructor creates an empty ExportOBJOptionsKit object.

◆ ExportOBJOptionsKit() [2/2]

HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit.ExportOBJOptionsKit ( HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit  in_kit)

The copy constructor creates a new ExportOBJOptionsKit object that contains the same settings as the source ExportOBJOptionsKit.

in_kitThe source ExportOBJOptionsKit to copy.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Empty()

override bool HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit.Empty ( )

Indicates whether this ExportOBJOptionsKit has any values set on it.

true if no values are set on this ExportOBJOptionsKit, false otherwise.

Reimplemented from HPS.Object.

◆ Equals()

bool HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit.Equals ( HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit  in_kit)

Check if the source ExportOBJOptionsKit is equivalent to this ExportOBJOptionsKit.

in_kitThe source ExportOBJOptionsKit to compare to this ExportOBJOptionsKit.
true if the objects are equivalent, false otherwise.

◆ GetDefault()

static HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit.GetDefault ( )

Creates an ExportOBJOptionsKit which contains the default settings. The returned object will not necessarily have values set for every option, but it will have settings for those options where it is reasonable to have a default. These values will be used for import unless an option is overridden by the options passed to File.ExportOBJ.

An ExportOBJOptionsKit with the default settings.

◆ ObjectType()

override HPS.Type HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit.ObjectType ( )

This function returns the type the object, as declared (if the object is derived, this does not give the true type of the derived object).

The declared type of the object in question, which may differ from the true, underlying type.

Reimplemented from HPS.SprocketKit.

◆ Set()

void HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit.Set ( HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit  in_kit)

Copies the source ExportOBJOptionsKit into this ExportOBJOptionsKit.

in_kitThe source ExportOBJOptionsKit to copy.

◆ SetTextureFolder()

HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit.SetTextureFolder ( string  in_name)

Sets folder where texture will be exported (if any). If NULL, then texture are written in the same directory as the .fbx. Symbol @ is expanded as Filename of current file (without extension)

in_nameUTF8-encoded path to the folder where texture will be exported. This corresponds to the value that will be passed to and A3DRWParamsExportObjData::m_pcTextureFolder.
A reference to this ExportOBJOptionsKit.

◆ Show()

void HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit.Show ( out HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit  out_kit)

Copies this ExportOBJOptionsKit into the given ExportOBJOptionsKit.

out_kitThe ExportOBJOptionsKit to populate with the contents of this ExportOBJOptionsKit.

◆ ShowTextureFolder()

bool HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit.ShowTextureFolder ( out string  out_path)

Shows the texture folder setting.

out_pathThe path to the folder where texture will be exported.
true if a texture folder setting was specified, false otherwise.

◆ UnsetEverything()

HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit.UnsetEverything ( )

Removes all settings from this ExportOBJOptionsKit.

A reference to this ExportOBJOptionsKit.

◆ UnsetTextureFolder()

HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit HPS.Exchange.ExportOBJOptionsKit.UnsetTextureFolder ( )

Removes the texture folder setting.

A reference to this ExportOBJOptionsKit.

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