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Public Types

enum  Preference { Preference.HighPerformance = 0, Preference.Integrated = 1, Preference.Specific = 2, Preference.Default = 3 }

Public Member Functions

virtual void Dispose ()
 GPU (HPS.GPU in_that)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void deleteCptr ()

Protected Attributes

bool cMemOwn
HandleRef cptr

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Preference

enum HPS.GPU.Preference

Used to determine which GPU Visualize should use when there are multiple available GPUs on the system. Note that that HighPerformance and Integrated enumerations are best-guesses. Use 'Specific' to have the highest degree of control over which GPU is used.


Automatically detect and use the highest performing GPU available on the system.


Automatically detect and use the CPU-integrated GPU, if available.


Choose a specific GPU out of the ones available on the system.


Choose the first GPU found by the DirectX driver.

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