Inheritance diagram for HPS.HighlightSearch:

Public Types

enum  Scope : uint { Scope.AtOrAbovePath = 0x00000000, Scope.AtOrBelowPath = 0x00000001, Scope.ExactPath = 0x00000002 }

Public Member Functions

virtual void Dispose ()
 HighlightSearch (HPS.HighlightSearch in_that)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void deleteCptr ()

Protected Attributes

bool cMemOwn
HandleRef cptr

Detailed Description

The HighlightSearch class is a concept class for highlight search related enum classes.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Scope

enum HPS.HighlightSearch.Scope : uint

Enumeration of how to interpret path scope when performing a highlight search.


Only return highlights that apply at or above the specified path.


Only return highlights that apply at or below the specified path.


Only return highlights that apply at exactly the specified path.

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