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HPS.Object HPS.DWG.ImportNotifier HPS.Exchange.ExportNotifier HPS.Exchange.ImportNotifier HPS.Exchange.ReloadNotifier HPS.Exchange.TranslationNotifier HPS.ExchangeParasolid.ImportNotifier HPS.HCA.ImportNotifier HPS.OBJ.ExportNotifier HPS.OBJ.ImportNotifier HPS.OOC.ImportNotifier HPS.Parasolid.ImportNotifier HPS.PointCloud.ImportNotifier HPS.Sketchup.ImportNotifier HPS.STL.ImportNotifier HPS.Stream.ExportNotifier HPS.Stream.ImportNotifier

Public Member Functions

void Assign (HPS.IONotifier in_that)
HPS.IONotifier Cancel ()
override void Dispose ()
 IONotifier ()
 IONotifier (HPS.IONotifier in_that)
override HPS.Type ObjectType ()
HPS.IOResult Status ()
HPS.IOResult Status (out float out_percent_complete)
HPS.IONotifier Wait ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from HPS.Object
virtual bool Empty ()
IntPtr GetClassID ()
IntPtr GetInstanceID ()
bool HasType (HPS.Type in_mask)
Object (HPS.Object that)
virtual void Reset ()
virtual HPS.Type Type ()

Protected Member Functions

override void deleteCptr ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from HPS.Object
virtual IntPtr GetNonDirectorClassID ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from HPS.Object
static IntPtr ClassID< T > ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from HPS.Object
bool cMemOwn
HandleRef cptr

Detailed Description

The IONotifier class is a smart-pointer that is associated with an asynchronous file import or export. It is used to interact with an ongoing file IO or get the results from a completed IO operation.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ IONotifier() [1/2]

HPS.IONotifier.IONotifier ( )

The default constructor creates an IONotifier object which is not associated with any file IO operation.

◆ IONotifier() [2/2]

HPS.IONotifier.IONotifier ( HPS.IONotifier  in_that)

The copy constructor creates a new IONotifier object that is associated with the same file IO as the source IONotifier.

in_thatThe source IONotifier to copy.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Assign()

void HPS.IONotifier.Assign ( HPS.IONotifier  in_that)

Associate this IONotifier with the same file IO operation as the source IONotifier.

in_thatThe source IONotifier for the assignment.

◆ Cancel()

HPS.IONotifier HPS.IONotifier.Cancel ( )

Requests to cancel the asynchronous file IO if it is still in progress. The Cancel() function will return synchronously, however there may be some delay between when the cancel request is made and when the asynchronous file IO stops. Call Wait() to ensure that the asynchronous file IO operation has stopped.

A reference to this IONotifier.

◆ ObjectType()

override HPS.Type HPS.IONotifier.ObjectType ( )

This function returns the type the object, as declared (if the object is derived, this does not give the true type of the derived object).

The declared type of the object in question, which may differ from the true, underlying type.

Reimplemented from HPS.Object.

Reimplemented in HPS.Stream.ExportNotifier, HPS.Exchange.ExportNotifier, HPS.Parasolid.ImportNotifier, HPS.Exchange.ImportNotifier, HPS.Exchange.ReloadNotifier, HPS.Exchange.TranslationNotifier, HPS.OOC.ImportNotifier, HPS.DWG.ImportNotifier, HPS.OBJ.ExportNotifier, HPS.OBJ.ImportNotifier, HPS.STL.ImportNotifier, HPS.PointCloud.ImportNotifier, HPS.Sketchup.ImportNotifier, HPS.Stream.ImportNotifier, HPS.HCA.ImportNotifier, and HPS.ExchangeParasolid.ImportNotifier.

◆ Status() [1/2]

HPS.IOResult HPS.IONotifier.Status ( )

Query the status of the file IO operation for this notifier.

The current state of the file import.

◆ Status() [2/2]

HPS.IOResult HPS.IONotifier.Status ( out float  out_percent_complete)

Query the status and completion percentage of the file IO for this notifier.

out_percent_completeFloat in the range [0,1] indicating the current percentage complete.
The current state of the file import.

◆ Wait()

HPS.IONotifier HPS.IONotifier.Wait ( )

Cause this thread to sleep until the asynchronous file IO operation associated with this notifier is complete.

A reference to this IONotifier.

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