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Public Types

enum  CoordinateSpace : uint { Object = 0x00000000, World = 0x00000001, NormalizedInnerWindow = 0x00000002, NormalizedInnerPixel = 0x00000003 }
enum  SizeUnits : uint {
SizeUnits.ScaleFactor = 0x00000000, SizeUnits.ObjectSpace = 0x00000001, SizeUnits.SubscreenRelative = 0x00000002, SizeUnits.WindowRelative = 0x00000003,
SizeUnits.WorldSpace = 0x00000004, SizeUnits.Points = 0x00000005, SizeUnits.Pixels = 0x00000006


Public Member Functions

virtual void Dispose ()
Line (HPS.Line in_that)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void deleteCptr ()

Protected Attributes

bool cMemOwn
HandleRef cptr

Detailed Description

This is the Line Class

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ CoordinateSpace

enum HPS.Line.CoordinateSpace : uint

The CoordinateSpace enum is a list of all coordinate spaces used in Visualize. These correspond to HPS.Coordinate.Space

◆ SizeUnits

enum HPS.Line.SizeUnits : uint

Line Size Units


A unitless linear scaling factor. A value of 2.0 will cause lines to be rendered twice as thick. A value of 1.0 will result in a visually pleasing device-dependent line weight. A value of 0 will result in the minimal weight line supported by the device.


Object space units ignoring any scaling components in modelling matrices.


Fraction of the height of the outermost window.


Fraction of the height of the local window.


Object space units including any scaling components in modelling matrices and cameras.


Points units typically used for text size. 1 point corresponds to 1/72 inch.


Number of pixels.

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