Inheritance diagram for HPS.OBJ.File:

Public Member Functions

virtual void Dispose ()
File (HPS.OBJ.File in_that)

Static Public Member Functions

static HPS.OBJ.ExportNotifier Export (string in_file_name, HPS.KeyPath in_key_path_to_export)
static HPS.OBJ.ImportNotifier Import (string in_file_name, HPS.OBJ.ImportOptionsKit in_options)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void deleteCptr ()

Protected Attributes

bool cMemOwn
HandleRef cptr

Detailed Description

The File class provides functions to import and export OBJ files.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Export()

static HPS.OBJ.ExportNotifier HPS.OBJ.File.Export ( string  in_file_name,
HPS.KeyPath  in_key_path_to_export 

Performs an asynchronous export of the specified key path to an OBJ file. May throw IOException in case of errors.

in_file_nameName of OBJ file to export.
in_key_path_to_exportKeyPath from the segment where to start the export to the WindowKey. When using Sprocket, if you wish to export the Model, construct a SprocketPath and pass the KeyPath obtained from its GetKeyPath() method.
An ExportNotfier object that can be used to query the export progress and status.

◆ Import()

static HPS.OBJ.ImportNotifier HPS.OBJ.File.Import ( string  in_file_name,
HPS.OBJ.ImportOptionsKit  in_options 

Performs an asynchronous import of the specified OBJ file with the provided options. May throw an IOException prior to starting the asynchronous import.

in_file_nameName of OBJ file to import.
in_optionsOptions controlling the import of the OBJ file (e.g., segment to import into).
An ImportNotfier object that can be used to query the import progress and status.

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