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HPS.FlyOperator HPS.Operator HPS.Sprocket HPS.Object HPS.SimpleWalkOperator

Public Types

enum  Axis {
X = 0, Y = 1, Z = 2, Negative_X = 3,
Negative_Y = 4, Negative_Z = 5

- Public Types inherited from HPS.Operator
enum  Priority { Low = 0, Default = 1, High = 2 }

Public Member Functions

override void Dispose ()
HPS.Plane GetGroundPlane ()
override string GetName ()
HPS.WalkOperator.Axis GetPrimaryUpAxis ()
float GetWalkerHeight ()
override void OnModelAttached ()
override bool OnTimerTick (HPS.TimerTickEvent in_event)
override void OnViewAttached (HPS.View in_attached_view)
void SetGroundPlane (HPS.Plane in_plane)
void SetWalkerHeight (float height)
HPS.WalkOperator.Axis UpdatePrimaryUpAxis (HPS.Vector v)
WalkOperator (HPS.MouseButtons in_mouse_trigger, HPS.ModifierKeys in_modifier_trigger)
WalkOperator (HPS.MouseButtons in_mouse_trigger)
WalkOperator (HPS.WalkOperator in_that)
- Public Member Functions inherited from HPS.FlyOperator
FlyOperator (HPS.MouseButtons in_mouse_trigger, HPS.ModifierKeys in_modifier_trigger)
FlyOperator (HPS.MouseButtons in_mouse_trigger)
FlyOperator (HPS.FlyOperator in_that)
float GetJoystickDeadZone ()
float GetKeyboardSensitivity ()
float GetLeftJoystickSensitivity ()
float GetMouseSensitivity ()
float GetRightJoystickSensitivity ()
float GetSceneExtents ()
void InvertXAxis ()
void InvertYAxis ()
bool IsXAxisInverted ()
bool IsYAxisInverted ()
override bool OnKeyDown (HPS.KeyboardState in_state)
override bool OnKeyUp (HPS.KeyboardState in_state)
override bool OnMouseDown (HPS.MouseState in_state)
override bool OnMouseMove (HPS.MouseState in_state)
override bool OnMouseUp (HPS.MouseState in_state)
override bool OnMouseWheel (HPS.MouseState in_state)
override bool OnTouchDown (HPS.TouchState in_state)
override bool OnTouchMove (HPS.TouchState in_state)
override bool OnTouchUp (HPS.TouchState in_state)
override void OnViewDetached (HPS.View in_detached_view)
void SetJoystickDeadZone (float in_dead_zone)
void SetKeyboardSensitivity (float in_keyboard_sensitivity)
void SetLeftJoystickSensitivity (float in_left_joystick_sensitivity)
void SetMouseSensitivity (float in_mouse_sensitivity)
void SetRightJoystickSensitivity (float in_right_joystick_sensitivity)
- Public Member Functions inherited from HPS.Operator
virtual void Assign (HPS.Operator in_that)
void DetachView ()
delegate void DtorDelegate (IntPtr cPtr)
override bool Equals (System.Object obj)
virtual bool Equals (HPS.Operator in_that)
HPS.View GetAttachedView ()
override int GetHashCode ()
HPS.ModifierKeys GetModifierTrigger ()
HPS.MouseButtons GetMouseTrigger ()
virtual bool IsMouseTriggered (HPS.MouseState in_state)
override HPS.Type ObjectType ()
virtual void OnModelDetached ()
virtual bool OnMouseEnter (HPS.MouseState in_state)
virtual bool OnMouseLeave (HPS.MouseState in_state)
virtual bool OnTextInput (string in_text)
Operator (HPS.MouseButtons in_mouse_trigger, HPS.ModifierKeys in_modifier_trigger)
Operator (HPS.MouseButtons in_mouse_trigger)
Operator (HPS.Operator in_that)
delegate void RemoveCacheItemDelegate (IntPtr cPtr)
void SetModifierTrigger (HPS.ModifierKeys in_modifiers)
void SetMouseTrigger (HPS.MouseButtons in_buttons)
- Public Member Functions inherited from HPS.Sprocket
Sprocket (HPS.Sprocket in_that)
- Public Member Functions inherited from HPS.Object
virtual bool Empty ()
IntPtr GetClassID ()
IntPtr GetInstanceID ()
bool HasType (HPS.Type in_mask)
Object (HPS.Object that)
virtual void Reset ()
virtual HPS.Type Type ()

Static Public Member Functions

static HPS.WalkOperator.Axis GetPrimaryAxis (HPS.Vector v)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from HPS.Operator
static bool operator!= (HPS.Operator a, HPS.Operator b)
static bool operator== (HPS.Operator a, HPS.Operator b)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from HPS.Object
static IntPtr ClassID< T > ()

Protected Member Functions

override void deleteCptr ()
override bool DerivedClassHasMethod (string methodName, System.Type[] methodTypes)
override IntPtr GetNonDirectorClassID ()
override bool IsUserDerived ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from HPS.Operator
HandleRef sptr
- Protected Attributes inherited from HPS.Object
bool cMemOwn
HandleRef cptr
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from HPS.Operator
static Dictionary< IntPtr, OperatorcachedObjects = new Dictionary<IntPtr, Operator>()
static Dictionary< IntPtr, WeakReference > cachedWeakRefs = new Dictionary<IntPtr, WeakReference>()
static ReaderWriterLockSlim mapLock = new ReaderWriterLockSlim(LockRecursionPolicy.SupportsRecursion)

Detailed Description

The WalkOperator class defines an operator which allows the user to accurately move the camera around the scene, while snapped to a plane. This operator is intended for walking through models that have a defined ground plane, such as a floor in a building. For models that don't have a ground plane, Visualize will attempt to determine a ground plane heuristically. This operator works for both mouse and touch-driven devices.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetName()

override string HPS.WalkOperator.GetName ( )

Returns the name of the operator.

Reimplemented from HPS.FlyOperator.

◆ OnModelAttached()

override void HPS.WalkOperator.OnModelAttached ( )

This function is called whenever a model is attached to the view that is attached to this operator. If no view is attached to this operator, this function will not be called.

Reimplemented from HPS.FlyOperator.

◆ OnTimerTick()

override bool HPS.WalkOperator.OnTimerTick ( HPS.TimerTickEvent  in_event)

This function is called whenever HPS receives a TimerTickEvent This function moves the camera

true if the input event was handled, false otherwise.

Reimplemented from HPS.FlyOperator.

◆ OnViewAttached()

override void HPS.WalkOperator.OnViewAttached ( HPS.View  in_attached_view)

This function is called whenever a view is attached to this operator.

Reimplemented from HPS.FlyOperator.

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