Public Member Functions

override bool Equals (object obj)
bool Equals (Plane p)
override int GetHashCode ()
Point IntersectLineSegment (Point p1, Point p2, float eps=1e-5f)
Point IntersectLineSegment2 (Point p1, Point p2)
Plane Normalize (float epsilon=1.0E-30f)
 Plane (float in_a, float in_b, float in_c, float in_d)
 Plane (Plane p)
 Plane (Vector v, float f=0)
 Plane (Vector v, Point p)
 Plane (Point p, Vector v)
 Plane (Point[] points)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool operator!= (Plane p1, Plane p2)
static Plane operator* (Plane p, float s)
static Plane operator/ (Plane p, float s)
static bool operator== (Plane p1, Plane p2)
static Plane Zero ()

Public Attributes

float a
float b
float c
float d

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