Public Member Functions

HPS.Quaternion Exp ()
HPS.Quaternion Lerp (HPS.Quaternion in_right, float in_fraction)
HPS.Quaternion Log ()
float Norm ()
HPS.Quaternion Normalize ()
 Quaternion (float in_w, float in_x, float in_y, float in_z)
 Quaternion (HPS.Quaternion that)
HPS.Quaternion Slerp (HPS.Quaternion in_right, float in_fraction, bool in_shortest_path_only=true)
HPS.Quaternion Spline (HPS.Quaternion in_previous, HPS.Quaternion in_next)
HPS.Quaternion Squad (HPS.Quaternion in_right, HPS.Quaternion in_control1, HPS.Quaternion in_control2, float in_fraction)

Static Public Member Functions

static Quaternion operator* (Quaternion q1, Quaternion q2)
static Quaternion operator* (Quaternion q, float s)
static Quaternion operator* (float s, Quaternion q)
static Quaternion operator+ (Quaternion q1, Quaternion q2)
static Quaternion operator- (Quaternion q1, Quaternion q2)
static Quaternion operator/ (Quaternion q, float s)

Public Attributes

float w
float x
float y
float z

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