Public Member Functions

float Area ()
Rectangle Circumscribe_Scope (Rectangle scope)
bool Contains (Point contained)
bool Contains (Rectangle rect)
bool Contains (Rectangle rect, float epsilon)
Rectangle Contract (float border)
Rectangle Contract (Rectangle rect)
override bool Equals (object obj)
bool Equals (Rectangle r)
Rectangle Expand (float border)
override int GetHashCode ()
float Height ()
Rectangle Inscribe_Scope (Rectangle scope)
Rectangle Intersect (Rectangle rect)
bool Intersecting (Rectangle rect)
Rectangle (float in_left, float in_right, float in_bottom, float in_top)
Rectangle (Rectangle that)
Rectangle (int count, Point[] points)
Rectangle Union (Rectangle rect)
float Width ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Rectangle full_scope ()
static Rectangle FullScope ()
static Rectangle InvalidScope ()
static bool operator!= (Rectangle a, Rectangle b)
static bool operator== (Rectangle a, Rectangle b)
static Rectangle Zero ()

Public Attributes

float bottom
float left
float right
float top

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