Public Member Functions

bool Contains (HPS.SimpleCuboid contained)
bool Contains (HPS.Point contained)
bool Contains (HPS.Point contained, float epsilon)
HPS.SimpleCuboid Contract (float border)
HPS.Vector Diagonal ()
override bool Equals (object obj)
bool Equals (SimpleCuboid c)
HPS.SimpleCuboid Expand (float border)
void Generate_Cuboid_Points (HPS.Point[] points)
override int GetHashCode ()
HPS.SimpleCuboid Intersect (HPS.SimpleCuboid cuboid)
bool Intersecting (HPS.SimpleCuboid cuboid)
bool Intersecting (HPS.SimpleCuboid cuboid, float allowance)
bool Intersecting (int dimension, SimpleCuboid cuboid)
bool Intersecting (int dimension, SimpleCuboid cuboid, float allowance)
bool Intersecting (HPS.Point start, HPS.Vector direction)
void Invalidate ()
bool IsValid ()
void Merge (HPS.SimpleCuboid cuboid)
void Merge (HPS.SimpleSphere sphere)
void Merge (HPS.Point point)
void Merge (HPS.Point[] points)
 SimpleCuboid (HPS.Point in_min, HPS.Point in_max)
 SimpleCuboid (SimpleCuboid that)
 SimpleCuboid (SimpleSphere sphere)
 SimpleCuboid (HPS.Point[] points)
 SimpleCuboid (Rectangle that)
HPS.SimpleCuboid Union (HPS.SimpleCuboid cuboid)
float Volume ()

Static Public Member Functions

static SimpleCuboid Invalid ()
static bool operator!= (SimpleCuboid c1, SimpleCuboid c2)
static bool operator== (SimpleCuboid c1, SimpleCuboid c2)

Public Attributes

HPS.Point max
HPS.Point min

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