Fixed Bugs

ReleaseIssue IDPlatformDriverSummary
HPS HV 2020 SP136369Android
HPS HV 2020 SP136152text sized in pixels not exported correctly to EMF
HPS HV 2020 SP136008Windows 1036008 HSF file converted from a STEP file cannot be opened
HPS HV 2020 SP135918Windows 10DX11support for material mapping of source and reference geometry
HPS HV 2020 SP135739GenericGenericWindows system font search does not include user's fonts
HPS HV 2020 SP135662Windows 10DX11Texture change is not being applied
HPS HV 2020 SP135532Windows 10DX11HOOPS Demo Viewer exports to OBJ incorrectly
HPS HV 2020 SP135249Windows 10DX11able to see through opaque shells as if transparent in specific situations
HPS HV 2020 SP132315hidden objects import precludes subentity highlighting
HPS HV 2020 doesn't work on macos
HPS HV 2020 U136102line pattern caps settings does not get saved when you export to hsf
HPS HV 2020 U136085iOSclipping\rendering bug on iOS during Orbit
HPS HV 2020 U135623GenericGenericline pattern caps settings does not get saved when you export to hsf
HPS HV 2020 U135576AndroidXamarin Sandbox silent crash after multiple import
HPS HV 2020 U135565OSXGenericCocao sandbox crash calling GetComponentPath in UserCode
HPS HV 2020 U134151Text is drawn when transparent face is overlapped on opaque face
HPS HV 2020 U131733GenericGenericCaptures do not behave with expected context
HPS HV 2020 U136122section cuts do not work with formerly hidden components
HPS HV 202035707Windows 10DX11Resolve stall with D3DImageCanvas
HPS HV 202035596GenericGenericFallback fonts ignored for offscreen window exports
HPS HV 202035531GenericGenericSupport new Anti-Aliasing settings
HPS HV 202035518Windows 10DX11crash when you export to pdf
HPS HV 202035453Windows 10access violation dis/connecting external monitor with unused SprocketsWPFControl
HPS HV 202035431Windows 10DX11nav cube stops working after canvas resize (D3DImage)
HPS HV 202035248text rendered poorly using Hardcopy::GDI::Export and software PDF print drivers
HPS HV 202035207Windows 10DX11ATI specific graphics bug
HPS HV 202035106GenericGenericcrash processing clip regions with perspective camera
HPS HV 202035098GenericGenericinconsistent character spacing as zoom level varies
HPS HV 202034945IsSatisfiedBy results are order dependent
HPS HV 202034935Assertion occurs when reading empty CAD model
HPS HV 202034917GenericGenericSetting a text path in TextKit leads to ASSERT
HPS HV 202034906When using display lists and priority, deferred geometry does not use the correct shaders
HPS HV 202034905Windows 10Inconsistent character weight in 2D PDF
HPS HV 202034780Windows 10DX11Invalid wider drawing of caps and joins
HPS HV 202034649GenericFBX Export missing from Sprocket Exchange
HPS HV 202034648GenericHighlighting hidden objects does not work
HPS HV 202034635Generic kA3DE_JT100 is missing from HPS::Exchange::JT::Version
HPS HV 202034592Windows 10GD&T symbols for Unicode extended
HPS HV 202034443GenericMeasurement texts and arrows are not visible in DWG file
HPS HV 202034324Windows 10DX11Material Mapping Issues when reference geometry
HPS HV 202034272Windows 7Deferred text does not accumulate attributes correctly
HPS HV 202034113GenericGenericinconsistent character spacing as zoom level varies
HPS HV 202033694Windows 10DX11highlighting bug with static model
HPS HV 202033624GenericGenericNX plane in wrong location
HPS HV 202031784AndroidDifference PanOrbitZoom and simple Zoom
HPS HV 202035773rendering problems with PMI arrow heads using Isolate
HPS HV 2019 SP2 U235234OpenGLOpenGL1Deprecated crash rendering text
HPS HV 2019 SP2 U235108GenericlinePatternOptionsKit.ShowEndCap always returns false
HPS HV 2019 SP2 U234971GenericGenericCrash when deleting OffScreenWindowKey
HPS HV 2019 SP2 U235501GatherCutGeometry gives a wrong results
HPS HV 2019 SP234884GenericPDFmissing geometry in Legend when exporting to PDF (SinglePassPrint)
HPS HV 2019 SP234875Windows 10PDFcrash using custom font in some situations
HPS HV 2019 SP234871Windows 7edge leak out in pdf file
HPS HV 2019 SP234833GenericGenericjpeg import problem
HPS HV 2019 SP234785GenericPDFpixel size text is incorrect in 2d pdf
HPS HV 2019 SP234737Windows 10DX11performance loss using Optimize, Shell Merge in 2019 SP1
HPS HV 2019 SP234736Selection results order bug
HPS HV 2019 SP234732Crash defining image with wrong format
HPS HV 2019 SP234700GenericGenericCache NavCube textures to eliminate redundant regeneration
HPS HV 2019 SP234683GDI-PrintMissing lines in output hardcopy
HPS HV 2019 SP234660GenericGenericmultiple clip region performance bug
HPS HV 2019 SP234645Windows 10DX11object space lines culled at inconsistent zoom levels
HPS HV 2019 SP234636GenericThe text is moving around
HPS HV 2019 SP234612PDFline quality export to PDF
HPS HV 2019 SP234475Windows 10Improve Selection performance
HPS HV 2019 SP234351GenericGenericdownscaled texture BMPs of various bit depths
HPS HV 2019 SP234182GenericStackOverflow in Exchange after CopyEntity
HPS HV 2019 SP234108GenericGenericuse font dependent calculations for point size text
HPS HV 2019 SP234065GenericGenericfont search / spec not working for all members of windows Bahnschrift font family
HPS HV 2019 SP234002Windows 10DX11DX11 render bug while panning
HPS HV 2019 SP233926Windows 10C# "is" will work with OperatorControl.Pop(out Operator out_operator)
HPS HV 2019 SP233906rendering anomalies with transparent highlight
HPS HV 2019 SP233774GenericGenericfont search / spec not working for all members of windows Bahnschrift font family
HPS HV 2019 SP232850Windows 10DX11Zooming in a highlighted line with set line weight throws exception in DX11
HPS HV 2019 SP234892GenericPDFexport 2dpdf priority rendering bug
HPS HV 2019 SP1 U134869Genericcrash when you export to pdf with StaticModel
HPS HV 2019 SP1 U134705Visual Selection bug with Anti-Aliases Text
HPS HV 2019 SP1 U134318GenericGenericfallback fonts not used in hardcopy file export
HPS HV 2019 SP1 U134316Fixed a bug with the SetSearchDirectories
HPS HV 2019 SP1 U133971Windows 7PDFBold text in pdf
HPS HV 2019 SP1 U133230Windows 7Direct3D/DX9priority algorithm to pdf bug
HPS HV 2019 SP1 U132750Windows 7Fixed uv sampling jitter in line patterns
HPS HV 2019 SP1 U132588GenericProduct Occurrence deletion leads to crash
HPS HV 2019 SP1 U132579GenericDeleting Component leads to crash
HPS HV 2019 SP1 U134870Genericextra edges when you export to pdf using ZBuffer
HPS HV 2019 SP134304GenericGenericmouse wheel zoom also orbits camera
HPS HV 2019 SP134291GenericGenericmouse wheel zoom camera disorientation bug
HPS HV 2019 SP134180AndroidSnapshot image is not consistent with model
HPS HV 2019 SP134144Windows 10Fixed crash when moving segments
HPS HV 2019 SP134140direction of View flip by mouse wheel zoom
HPS HV 2019 SP134075Windows 10Generictexture does not work if image name is all caps
HPS HV 2019 SP134062Windows 10DX11Points are not visible based on specific values for alpha and general displacement attributes
HPS HV 2019 SP133970GenericGenericText size is not consistent when zooming camera
HPS HV 2019 SP133909GenericGDI-PrintFix bug with hardcopy scaling
HPS HV 2019 SP133824Windows 10Generichidden line with transparency cutoff option bug
HPS HV 2019 SP133758Windows 10GenericHOOPS crash from highlighting model
HPS HV 2019 SP133573Windows 10DX11access violation using textkit with empty string
HPS HV 2019 SP133161Windows 10Unhighlighting markers affects scene highlighting
HPS HV 2019 SP132677GenericAxis Triad text labels now use object units
HPS HV 2019 SP132336Windows 7DX11Sort selections by priority when priority hsra is active
HPS HV 2019 SP132182GenericGenericNavigation cube rotation is not consistent when using multiple clicks
HPS HV 2019 SP132148Windows 10DX11jpeg image loading failure (EOI not at EOF)
HPS HV 2019 SP131843Windows 10Loading SKP file leads to exception error
HPS HV 2019 SP131837Incrementally loaded file and accessing segment browser leads to crash
HPS HV 2019 SP131787GenericGenericVery high time for loading and updating.
HPS HV 2019 SP131621crash with prototype for clash detection
HPS HV 2019 SP130997AndroidImport PointClouds on Xamarin
HPS HV 2019 SP128980GenericGenericTexture is not applied on a SLW file
HPS HV 2019 SP124168Windows 7PMI data does not get imported for a particular file
HPS HV 2019 SP134571GenericGenericglyph selection bug
HPS HV 201933246Windows 10ExchangeParasolid::AddEntity fails for Parasolid Sheet Bodies
HPS HV 201933228GenericGenericStatic model setting affects visibility setting
HPS HV 201933186GenericGenericPRC view with transformations is incorrect
HPS HV 201933016Windows 10Direct3D/DX9Fixed texture-sharing problem with WPF
HPS HV 201933013Disposing World object after creating lots of Root segments takes a long time to complete
HPS HV 201933011GenericExport to a huge 2d pdf file crashes
HPS HV 201932973Windows 10DX11Fixed texture-sharing problem with WPF
HPS HV 201932907Windows 10DX11glyph scaling jumps with camera zoom
HPS HV 201932876Windows 10DX11Fix tag handling in stream export that could lead to an infinite loop
HPS HV 201932805GenericReduced 2D PDF file size
HPS HV 201932773Windows 10Genericdefine image crashes using bmp
HPS HV 201932718Windows 10DX11Respect Transparency Depth Writing for polymarkers
HPS HV 201932630Windows 10Extra geometry gathered when we transform several times
HPS HV 201932615Windows 10ooc.exe unable to handle multiple input files
HPS HV 201932565coincident section plane Z-fighting
HPS HV 201932538Views fail to load for additional instances
HPS HV 201932398Windows 10DX11When editing a shell AFTER it has been highlighted (using selection results), an exception occurs
HPS HV 201932331Windows 10DX11Resizing of WPF panel does not get updated
HPS HV 201932268GenericHPS missing shipping fonts including ts3d
HPS HV 201932198GenericA scale factor was wrongly assigned during converson from DWG to STP
HPS HV 201932139Lines exhibit anti-alias artifacts over translucent shell
HPS HV 201932136Windows 10Highlighted geometries do not honor depth in print preview
HPS HV 201932135Windows 10Certain navigation cube text appears in print preview
HPS HV 201932134Windows 10missing text / background in print preview
HPS HV 201932099Windows 10DX11Modelling matrix ignored by overlay sub-segment
HPS HV 201932039Windows 10DX11ooc.exe unable to handle multiple input files
HPS HV 201931989Windows 7OpenGLUsing OpenGL deprecated as driver for offscreenwindow image leads to exception
HPS HV 201931803GenericImproved font discovery
HPS HV 201930502Windows 10DX11lower back face texture resolution reduces CAD model rendering quality
HPS HV 201930352Part of a HSF file is missing when importing in Exchange
HPS HV 201930298Windows 10VRML import - incorrect colors
HPS HV 201927498iOSGenericSuccesive file loading increases excessive memory utilization
HPS HV 201933414Win_VC14Geometry references were causing corrupt HSF export
HPS HV 2018 SP232313Windows 10DX11GatherCutGeometry bug when moving segments around
HPS HV 2018 SP232049AndroidImporting PNG of 1 bit depth fails
HPS HV 2018 SP231979Windows 10DX11Unable to display texture based on specific unicode characters
HPS HV 2018 SP231888Windows 10HDV doesn't load colors from PDFs
HPS HV 2018 SP231881Exchange::Component::Reload dereferences array without checking validity
HPS HV 2018 SP231846creating a KeyPath from null crashes
HPS HV 2018 SP231594mismatch between GUI and internal state of the viewer
HPS HV 2018 SP231338AndroidSegmentKey MoveTo information
HPS HV 2018 SP230598ShellKit Optimize should remap vertex and face attributes
HPS HV 2018 SP230312GenericGenericVisibility in CV5 Section view
HPS HV 2018 SP230242Windows 7CATIA V5 views are not correct
HPS HV 2018 SP229371Highlighted hidden face bleeds through when zoomed in
HPS HV 2018 SP228582Edge is rendered protruding from face
HPS HV 2018 SP228330Windows 10DX11face stitching with default highlighting
HPS HV 2018 SP228134Windows 10GenericEdges in Pro/e assembly bleed through
HPS HV 2018 SP225943Win_VC12edge bleeding on shell
HPS HV 2018 SP225937Windows 7Shell perimeter edge displacement problem
HPS HV 2018 SP232489Windows 10DX11Axis triad visibility does not get updated
HPS HV 2018 SP1 U132032Windows 10GatherCutGeometry missing some faces
HPS HV 2018 SP1 U132022GenericGenericGatherCutGeometry bug
HPS HV 2018 SP1 U131933GenericPMI Auto. Orientation moves arrows and dimension lines
HPS HV 2018 SP1 U131876Windows 10Genericset face visibility=false fails for certain faces using static model
HPS HV 2018 SP1 U131833Genericcutting operator crash using static model
HPS HV 2018 SP1 U131785GD&T diameter symbol problem in WPF with Arial Unicde MS
HPS HV 2018 SP1 U131384Genericcrash with SetPMISemanticInformation
HPS HV 2018 SP1 U132188Updated LandingGearMainShaftWithPMI HDV sample model
HPS HV 2018 SP131627Windows 10Rendering artifacts when gathering cut geometry
HPS HV 2018 SP131615Windows 10GenericInterruption on selection caused by temp copies of geometry
HPS HV 2018 SP131607GenericUsing optimization kit leads to exception error
HPS HV 2018 SP131564AndroidUnable to load OBJ file in Xamarin
HPS HV 2018 SP131513GenericRename DirectX DLLs
HPS HV 2018 SP131413Generichighlighting crash
HPS HV 2018 SP131371Windows 10DX11Initiating a selection changes eye dome rendering
HPS HV 2018 SP131369Windows 10zoom bug with clip region
HPS HV 2018 SP131354RIPointSets visibility bug
HPS HV 2018 SP131167Windows 10OpenGL2cut plane bug with offscreen window
HPS HV 2018 SP131155AndroidGetMetaData name is truncated on Android
HPS HV 2018 SP131132Parasolid Demo Viewer tessellate and retessellate makes model invisible
HPS HV 2018 SP131080Genericinvalid component path (ASSERT) when reading file
HPS HV 2018 SP131056AndroidOpenGL-ESComponent.GetMetadata value is different in Android than in Windows
HPS HV 2018 SP130981AndroidSelectAreaOperator's rubberband still shown on MouseUp
HPS HV 2018 SP130863Windows 10Vertex size changes when inserting cutting plane
HPS HV 2018 SP130853 Isolating CATIA Part does not preserve visibility settings of reference planes
HPS HV 2018 SP130832HOOPS Demo Viewer using incorrect HTML template
HPS HV 2018 SP130779GenericGenericFixed crash in handles operator when closing the application
HPS HV 2018 SP130765GenericGeneric Handles Op - The movement plane did not take into account previous handles' transforms
HPS HV 2018 SP130455AndroidOpenGL2image driver bug on GALAXY TAB P511
HPS HV 2018 SP130373Windows 10DX11crash on wpf_sandbox with multi-monitor
HPS HV 2018 SP130349Instanced Product Occurences have incorrect visibility
HPS HV 2018 SP129637Windows 7DX11HPS crash when external monitor is disconnected
HPS HV 2018 SP129288Windows 7Fixes for PMI flipping
HPS HV 2018 SP129197Windows 7Improvements for PMI Leader Line Flipping
HPS HV 2018 SP129196Windows 7Improvements for PMI Leader Line Flipping
HPS HV 2018 SP131742GenericUpdate function does not complete update
HPS HV 2018 U231557Performance of hiding subcomponents decreases after multiple times
HPS HV 2018 U131051Static tree regenerated unnecessarily
HPS HV 2018 U131042Windows 10DX11Subwindows interfere with automatic camera adjustment for selections
HPS HV 2018 U131021Manipulating construction geometry visibility will put HOOPS into a bad state
HPS HV 2018 U131014Isolate is not persistent under certain hide/show conditions
HPS HV 2018 U131005GenericGenericHighlight and Overlay anomaly with component::hide
HPS HV 2018 U130994GenericGenericFailed bounding assertion
HPS HV 2018 U130952Windows 10DX11performance drop when rendering highlighted cloud in HPS 2018
HPS HV 2018 U130942Windows 10DX11Crash handling paths with geometry references
HPS HV 2018 U130906Selection/Highlight problems after Hide/Show on child or Isolated Subassembly
HPS HV 2018 U130905Isolated Subassembly has inconsistent results for Hide/Show
HPS HV 2018 U130895GenericDX11Crash on subassemblies highlight
HPS HV 2018 U130879Windows 10Crash unsetting vertex and/or face visibility
HPS HV 2018 U130874Improper handling of internal data for heterogenious coordinate lines
HPS HV 2018 U130809Windows 10Crash on highlighting
HPS HV 2018 U130736Windows 7Hardware visual selection crashes
HPS HV 2018 U130693AndroidPanning camera affects visibility of markers
HPS HV 2018 U130645Windows 10DX11crash when zooming in on a text
HPS HV 2018 U130640GenericGenericZoom operator is slow with large number of highlighted subentities
HPS HV 2018 U130623Unhighlighting geometry not previously highlighted leads to crash
HPS HV 2018 U130597Deleting shell leads to assertion
HPS HV 2018 U130595split a shell into triangles hangs
HPS HV 2018 U130278Points in NX are not initially visible and cannot be set to visible
HPS HV 2018 U130206Windows 10DX11Leader lines render very dim at certain lengths/angles
HPS HV 2018 U129946Export to PRC then import produces blank image
HPS HV 2018 U129736AndroidImproved Android Xamarin background recovery
HPS HV 2018 U128987Windows 10Vector culling inhibited when capping geomtry was active
HPS HV 2018 U124381Windows 8Cannot isolate two cad models sharing same canvas.
HPS HV 2018 U131325ComponentPath::IsHidden returns incorrect result
HPS HV 201830576Windows 10DX11visual selection not working for back faces
HPS HV 201830519Win_VC10Fixed area selection coordinates in Operators
HPS HV 201830454Windows 7Loading PRC leads to stall
HPS HV 201830339Windows 10DX11Fix polycylinder widening for certain drivers
HPS HV 201830296iOScrash on iOS on Exit (dbl click Home Button)
HPS HV 201830284Windows 7DX11Point count returns incorrect number of points
HPS HV 201830195Windows 10Check that the values returned by Exchange are not null before using them
HPS HV 201830174Windows 10highlightareaoperator on hidden line mode
HPS HV 201830158GenericPoint count returns incorrect number of points
HPS HV 201830143Component Show does not take into account context
HPS HV 201830125Windows 7DX11texture bug using a 64 bit depth png file
HPS HV 201830115Windows 10DX11Selection highlighting shape is rectangular instead of radial
HPS HV 201830100GenericGenericNo color for specific PRC
HPS HV 201830028Windows 10DX11vertex selection bug
HPS HV 201829982Genericregression in nav cube
HPS HV 201829976Selectability is suppressed after adjusting visibility in CADModel
HPS HV 201829971Genericbounding box on markerKey incorrect (multiple markers in same segment)
HPS HV 201829968Transform style not updating when overlay is enabled
HPS HV 201829944Original geometry and referenced geometry both appear in view when highlighted
HPS HV 201829929Windows 7DX11Not able to select when a CADModel is created
HPS HV 201829824 CATIA Planes in wrong position in HDV
HPS HV 201829769Direct3D/DX9
HPS HV 201829682Windows 7DX11Saving to HSF leads to output error.
HPS HV 201829562Windows 10DX11 SystemAcessViolationException from calling CylinderKey.Show() (C#)
HPS HV 201829431GenericGenericHighlight + Overlay not updated when applying matrix
HPS HV 201825743Windows 7Add selection sorting enumeration
HPS HV 201830732GenericGenericHandles Op - The movement plane did not take into account previous handles' transforms
HPS HV 2017 SP2 U229988Windows 7Avoid crash when accessing deleting keys from Selection results
HPS HV 2017 SP2 U229652Windows 7a drawing with hatches crashes HPS
HPS HV 2017 SP2 U229991Selecting unit options when importing file does not affect properties display
HPS HV 2017 SP2 U129925AndroidOpenGL2Fixed glyph drawing on some android devices
HPS HV 2017 SP2 U129912Windows 10Assembly versioning for HPS
HPS HV 2017 SP2 U129057Windows 7Displaying Hidden Line when setting cutting section and edge weight
HPS HV 2017 SP2 U129958Windows 8Corrected DLL version numbers
HPS HV 2017 SP229605GenericHandles operator moves incorrect geometry
HPS HV 2017 SP229501AndroidOBJ with External Reference (MTL) could not be loaded on Android
HPS HV 2017 SP229485GenericSetting proximity of selection affects vertex sub-entity highlighting
HPS HV 2017 SP229272GenericGenericCrash while loading file
HPS HV 2017 SP229256Windows 7DX11Tolerance for initial joining of edges leads to unclosed faces
HPS HV 2017 SP229186Windows 10DX11Calling UnsetFaceMaterial() does not get updated
HPS HV 2017 SP229181Windows 10DX11Point Cloud disappears when zooming out
HPS HV 2017 SP229133Windows 7OpenGL2Fixed bug in HPS::SegmentKey::SetName
HPS HV 2017 SP229094GenericRemove old HSF file in sample data repository
HPS HV 2017 SP229031AndroidOpenGL-ESOBJ with External Reference (MTL) could not be loaded on Android
HPS HV 2017 SP229011Windows 10OpenGL2Duplicate points are not removed when ShellOptimizationOptionsKitcontains multiple parameters.
HPS HV 2017 SP228991GenericGenericFixed bug in material import in Exchange Sprocket
HPS HV 2017 SP228920Windows 10DX11Improved logic for determining if Exchange geometry is a closed part. Apply capping geometry settings accordingly.
HPS HV 2017 SP228805GenericMemory improvements in the Parasolid Spocket
HPS HV 2017 SP228794Windows 10Navigation Cube operator was not setting the camera up vector correctly in all cases
HPS HV 2017 SP228735GenericThe HDV matrix transform dialog cuts off the values it displays
HPS HV 2017 SP228700GenericFix geometry visibility problems in PRC export
HPS HV 2017 SP228565OBJ with External Reference (MTL) could not be loaded on Android
HPS HV 2017 SP228549Windows 10DX11Highlight segments not properly reflecting the size of the base model
HPS HV 2017 SP228302GenericHandle degenerate polycylinders in PRC import
HPS HV 2017 SP226682Win_VC12STL file not loaded correctly using HPS STL file load
HPS HV 2017 SP225345Windows 8DX11Problem updating shell and performing selection query
HPS HV 2017 SP229657Windows 10DX11Copy of moved geometry remains in original position when using handles operator
HPS HV 2017 SP128929Win_VC12Crash with redrawing display
HPS HV 2017 SP1288373DXML file does not work in debug mode
HPS HV 2017 SP128823GenericGenericMoving radius measurement can cause them to link to the wrong entity
HPS HV 2017 SP128764Windows 10DX11Navigation Cube Control Text is mirrored if drawing left-handed
HPS HV 2017 SP128758GenericGenericHDV Crash on Hide element from Model tree
HPS HV 2017 SP128731Windows 7Loading CATProduct crashes
HPS HV 2017 SP128662Windows 10DX11Inconsistent visibility of hard edges
HPS HV 2017 SP128658Windows 10Incorrrect handling of external data
HPS HV 2017 SP128603Windows 10DX11Fixed crash rendering some glyph textures
HPS HV 2017 SP128593Windows 10DX11Fixed crash using overlay with Z value
HPS HV 2017 SP128561Windows 7Fix premature release of C# operator references
HPS HV 2017 SP128560Windows 10DX11HPS Debug crash on text font preference byte
HPS HV 2017 SP128544HOOPS Demo Viewer doesn't display the correct values for A3DComputePhysicalProperties
HPS HV 2017 SP128486GenericText regions not handled when exporting a scene graph to PRC
HPS HV 2017 SP128462Segment tree is destratified
HPS HV 2017 SP128445Fixed Retessellation crash in HDV and HPDV
HPS HV 2017 SP128322Win_VC12DX11Memory leak with SegmentKey.Flush
HPS HV 2017 SP128312GenericGenericCrash in HPS on invalid colors
HPS HV 2017 SP128296GenericFix some problems handling styles in static model generation
HPS HV 2017 SP127947GenericNX: Filtered items should be hidden in posters
HPS HV 2017 SP127911GenericCrash on component.Reload
HPS HV 2017 SP127612Win_VC14GenericLine caps don't display for some sizes
HPS HV 2017 SP127528Windows 7Default overlay can affect the disposal of geometries.
HPS HV 2017 SP127501Removed private dependency from sample operators
HPS HV 2017 SP125695Fixed problem with PRC import from PDF
HPS HV 2017 SP128939Windows 7DX11Optimizing shell results in only lines, no faces
HPS HV 2017 U127963Windows 7DX11Fix premature release of C# operator references
HPS HV 201727774Win_VC14DX11very slow performance when doing initial higlighting of a static model
HPS HV 201727739Windows 7MarkerKey::UnsetAllUserData() after inserting marker crashes
HPS HV 201727722Windows 8DX11Mouse pointer is not captured when traversing outside the window.
HPS HV 201727675Windows 7GenericChanging the color of a NamedStyle doesn't occur with Update()
HPS HV 201727666GenericGenericLossy point cloud file fails to load.
HPS HV 201727631Windows 7SetPMIFlipping does not always work
HPS HV 201727626Windows 8DX11HPS window key post process effects control - unset everything does not clear silhouette edges
HPS HV 201727597Windows 8DX11Non-transparent polyhedrons were sometimes being treated as transparent
HPS HV 201727577Problem with View Plane Geometry in Catia File
HPS HV 201727567HDV does not correctly display certain information
HPS HV 201727523Win_VC12DX11integer divide by zero crash in dx11
HPS HV 201727495GenericAnnotation background rectangle is not visible.
HPS HV 201727483GenericGenerictest driver usability when creating window keys
HPS HV 201727471Windows 7mouse movement captured outside graphic window
HPS HV 201727461Windows 7Delete specific items takes long time for large file
HPS HV 201727411GenericDirect3D/DX9Improve handling of dx9 half pixel offset
HPS HV 201727391iOSOpenGL-ESselection bug on iOS
HPS HV 201727390Windows 8DX11Fix faulty AMD DX11 driver
HPS HV 201727378GenericGenericWhen the portfolio is pushed to a segment above the view key, unable to make selection
HPS HV 201727372Windows 7highlighting with static model
HPS HV 201727297Win_VC12Setting bounds exclusion breaks selection on segment keys
HPS HV 201727215Win_VC12DX11Regression: depth peeling blending broken
HPS HV 201727104GenericExchange View shows geometry which should be hidden
HPS HV 201726998Step surfaces are colored incorrectly
HPS HV 201726796Windows 7Reader XT Avoid regression (since CL 493465) if name attribute contains extended ASCII characters (TString constructor). + set back root product occurrence default name.
HPS HV 201726043GenericGenericHOOPS Axis Triad cut off on Portrait Mode (Nexus 7)
HPS HV 201725694Win_VC12OpenGL2Emission textures not supported in OpenGL2
HPS HV 201724357GenericHPS does not handle polygon handedness correctly
HPS HV 201723963Windows 7GenericNuissance/erroneous error reported during font search
HPS HV 201723466Windows 7DX11shadow resolution toggling update
HPS HV 201721874Windows 7Open shell imported as faceted solid
HPS HV 201721791Windows 7Direct3D/DX9bold on text size missing when smaller then 12 pixels
HPS HV 201721430Windows 7Crash in select by volume
HPS HV 201727840Win_VC14DX11performance of interacting with a highlighted scene takes longer than expected
HPS HV 2016 SP2 U127353memory not release when deleting OffScreen Window
HPS HV 2016 SP2 U127329Windows 7MatrixKit transform throws an error
HPS HV 2016 SP2 U127367Windows 7DetachView causes a crash
HPS HV 2016 SP227203GenericGeometry generated from a Model Compare operation is not selectable
HPS HV 2016 SP227198GenericCannot unset Depth of Field in segments under the Window
HPS HV 2016 SP227175Windows 7Direct3D/DX9Fixed buf where explictly closed line markers were clipped.
HPS HV 2016 SP227149Windows 7Our application Exchange dlls conflict with another application Exchange dlls
HPS HV 2016 SP227135Win_VC12DX11D3DImage pointer is not updated, causing screen to be blank.
HPS HV 2016 SP226920GenericColor of capping geometry is not the same color as geometry being cut.
HPS HV 2016 SP226906GenericPng importer was bypassing shellkit interface, png decompression not iterating over palletes.
HPS HV 2016 SP226896AndroidGenericFix Framerate with skybox does not work
HPS HV 2016 SP226889Genericediting multi line text for deleting does not work correctly
HPS HV 2016 SP226826GenericGenericEnabling SetBloom Interferes With Fixed Framerate Mode
HPS HV 2016 SP226814static model doesn't use segdls during shadow map generation
HPS HV 2016 SP226757Win_VC12OpenGL2Environment maps not working in U3D files
HPS HV 2016 SP226733GenericHighlights on geometry that get deleted cause crashes
HPS HV 2016 SP226646GenericPoint Clouds with Eye Dome Lighting do not get exported to PNG correctly
HPS HV 2016 SP226645GenericGenericExporting an HSF from a WindowKey will fail
HPS HV 2016 SP226635Highlight is preserved when turning on / off cutting plane
HPS HV 2016 SP226623Win_VC12non-ascii font name not found in HPS
HPS HV 2016 SP226604GenericCut away geometry is reflected as wireframe
HPS HV 2016 SP226602GenericGenericThere is no way to interrupt face picking when using the cutting plane operator
HPS HV 2016 SP226534ComponentTreeItem destruction in c#: how to?
HPS HV 2016 SP226397GenericGenericBad Parasolid translation in PDV
HPS HV 2016 SP227240Genericquick moves geometry still shows after segment deleted
HPS HV 2016 SP126380GenericGenericselection stops working after an Isolate
HPS HV 2016 SP126355Windows 7HPS freezes in UpdateNotifier.Wait()
HPS HV 2016 SP126349 Use of a filtered style can result in incorrect bounding computation
HPS HV 2016 SP126348Improved internal support for UTF8 strings
HPS HV 2016 SP126341OSXDX11Crash when measuring a model in Parallels
HPS HV 2016 SP126331GenericGenericCrash when clicking on a segment browser entry after changing CAD views
HPS HV 2016 SP126330GenericGenericCannot select parts after an isolate operation
HPS HV 2016 SP126271GenericRetessellating some Exchange files which were translated to Parasolid results in wrong colors
HPS HV 2016 SP126270GenericGenericFixed fixed-frame-rate drawing problem.
HPS HV 2016 SP126246Win_VC12assert when tessellating parasolid polyline
HPS HV 2016 SP126215Genericcrash when loading model with conditions while static tree is turned on
HPS HV 2016 SP126206style on multiple viewports including the same model
HPS HV 2016 SP126204Win_VC12DX11crash when editing a cylinder
HPS HV 2016 SP126200Windows 7GenericArea selection misses some objects (cut section)
HPS HV 2016 SP126198Visual selection algorithm does not select text
HPS HV 2016 SP126180Windows 7DX11Access violation HPS.Stream.File.Import(fileArrayArray, importOptions);
HPS HV 2016 SP126174GenericGenericMarkup Operator can't be overrided in C#
HPS HV 2016 SP126164GenericGenericHighlight fails when static tree is enabled
HPS HV 2016 SP126090AndroidGenericrotating device when an object is selected (crash)
HPS HV 2016 SP126011Win_VC12Generic Text in points differs in size between D3D and non-D3D
HPS HV 2016 SP125999GenericGenericShadow map / static model conflict when changing attrs
HPS HV 2016 SP125991Windows 7Inconsistent rendering of cut edges when using a cutting section
HPS HV 2016 SP125967Windows 8OpenGLHPS triggers an assert when creating a new parasolid entity
HPS HV 2016 SP125928Windows 7nurbs select returning shell key
HPS HV 2016 SP125925Windows 8OpenGLFixed exception in Highlighting.
HPS HV 2016 SP125922Win_VC12DX11Vertex compilation error with emission texture matrix.
HPS HV 2016 SP125894Windows 8DX11size change with D3DImageCanvas
HPS HV 2016 SP125878Windows 7NX file has extra PMI items in views
HPS HV 2016 SP125875GenericGeneric.x_t file import bug
HPS HV 2016 SP125856GenericFull support of ASCII characters
HPS HV 2016 SP125832Windows 8DX11crash on D3DImageCanvas race condition
HPS HV 2016 SP125814Windows 8Zoom area with width but no height
HPS HV 2016 SP125770iOSOpenGLHighlighting with overlay does not highlight selected item.
HPS HV 2016 SP125768Windows 7detailed selection crash
HPS HV 2016 SP125752iOSOpenGLOrientation of local texture definitions is not properly being applied to geometry.
HPS HV 2016 SP125487Windows 7Suppressed attribute not taken in count
HPS HV 2016 SP125384Windows 73D PDF files do not have colors
HPS HV 2016 SP126484Win_VC12DX11Isolating HSF geometry does not clear up previously isolated geometry correctly
HPS HV 201625738GenericGenericRespect Selectability settings provided to selection functions
HPS HV 201625697GenericGenericSee title
HPS HV 201625658Windows 7Overlaid geometry obscures its own highlight
HPS HV 201625622GenericGeneric loading produces empty segment that are included instead of the correct ones
HPS HV 201625621Win_VC12segment search not working with multiple includes
HPS HV 201625595GenericOpenGL2HPS does not work under Oracle 5.6 VM
HPS HV 201625571GenericGenericreference NurbsSurface crash
HPS HV 201625546Windows 8DX11 Visualize: Phong shading gives wrong results in perspective projection for objects near the screen edge
HPS HV 201625537Win_VC12Reorganization by attribute does not change the scene graph
HPS HV 201625502Windows 7unhighlighting(KeyPath) unhighlights everything
HPS HV 201625501Windows 8Highlighting with multiple windows works as expected
HPS HV 201625488Windows 7Edges are thin and anti-alias looks crude
HPS HV 201625474GenericGenericFixed utf8 construction in spork constructors
HPS HV 201625421Win_VC12OpenGLBMP 24bpp crash
HPS HV 201625420Windows 8DX11registering CompositionTarget.Rendering in wpf
HPS HV 201625383license bug during import crashes (release)
HPS HV 201625346Windows 8DX11Crash when disposing window
HPS HV 201625342Windows 7Crash when exporting a 3D-PDF of a file styled with an empty face texture
HPS HV 201625335Windows 7Nurbs trimming problem
HPS HV 201625329AndroidZoomOperator doesn't zoom properly on mobile
HPS HV 201625314GenericGenericFixed cut geometry insertion bugs
HPS HV 201625280Windows 8DX11Markers going into seg dls and so not dynamic
HPS HV 201625262Windows 8DX11Crash moving a polyline between segments and updating points
HPS HV 201625234GenericGenericAttributes for discarded geometry will be ignored and will not cause an exception
HPS HV 201625232GenericGeneric SegmentExportEvents fixed for referred segments
HPS HV 201625145Windows 8DX11 Summary: WPF sandbox - Exchange CAD import bug for V4 files related to configurations
HPS HV 201624947GenericGenericfixed framerate on mobile does not redraw on idle
HPS HV 201623215Windows 7GenericNURBS Surface crash
HPS HV 201625767crash in WPF sandbox when opening several Exchange files
HPS HV 2015 SP225071Windows 8GenericHandle additional quickmove settings for embedded static models.
HPS HV 2015 SP225044Windows 8DX11 Strange camera clipping after hiding then showing CAD model in scene
HPS HV 2015 SP224971Windows 7SelectByPoint crashes on multiple views
HPS HV 2015 SP224958Windows 8GenericChanging CircleKey Center changes the normal also
HPS HV 2015 SP224932Windows 8GenericC# tooltip docs not showing
HPS HV 2015 SP224900GenericGenericGlyphs as line endcaps don't display with line thickness of 1
HPS HV 2015 SP224874Genericsome geometry disappears when static model is turned on
HPS HV 2015 SP224850AndroidOpenGL-ESHPS::OrbitOperator not working on Android
HPS HV 2015 SP224819Win_VC12GetHashKey() different for equivalent HPS objects
HPS HV 2015 SP224784Windows 8DX11The Construct Rectangle operator does not work correctly in scenes with multiple views
HPS HV 2015 SP224773Win_VC12DX11 SprocketPath.GetKeyPath() with no model attached in Release .exe mode crashes irrecoverably
HPS HV 2015 SP224761GenericGenericmemory usuage when model is reloaded
HPS HV 2015 SP224732Windows 8SelectByShell bug
HPS HV 2015 SP224731 Text are not updated properly during a regular canvas.update call
HPS HV 2015 SP224719Genericfrustum culling bug
HPS HV 2015 SP224678Support highlighting user-defined geometry references
HPS HV 2015 SP224669Windows 8Direct3D/DX9WPF using D3D_Image can crash if a call to Direct3DCreate9Ex fails
HPS HV 2015 SP224655Windows 7Exchange Component Reload Crash
HPS HV 2015 SP224647Windows 8Creating a MatrixKit with a quaternion doesn't work
HPS HV 2015 SP224625Windows 7invalid coordinate systems after round tripping file
HPS HV 2015 SP224611Windows 7step file bug
HPS HV 2015 SP224596Genericprt file import failure when PMI is true
HPS HV 2015 SP224593Win_VC12DX11Edge patterns with weight != 1 rendered incorrectly
HPS HV 2015 SP224586Windows 8Setting edge weight to worldspace doens't work when cutting with a cutting section
HPS HV 2015 SP224559GenericGenericFilters not handled in sprk_exchange
HPS HV 2015 SP224558GenericGenericExploded views in sprk_exchange
HPS HV 2015 SP224552Win_VC12DX11missing geometries when exporting to 2d pdf
HPS HV 2015 SP224515GenericGenericCrash on PRC import in Sprk_Exchange
HPS HV 2015 SP224486Win_VC12 HPS: Regression regarding SelectionResults, SelectionItem and ShowFaces
HPS HV 2015 SP224481Windows 8DX11Regression issue with skybox
HPS HV 2015 SP224448Windows 8 When capping multiple cutting sections, I can only see some of the caps
HPS HV 2015 SP224434AndroidGenericandroid sandbox crash on Nexus 9
HPS HV 2015 SP224433GenericFixed bugs with vertex color interpolation on a point clouds
HPS HV 2015 SP224408Windows 7DX11call to ShellKey.Optimize crashes HOOPS
HPS HV 2015 SP224406Win_VC12Genericshowbounding bug on transformed text
HPS HV 2015 SP224390GenericGenericmemory leak from loading hsf files
HPS HV 2015 SP224322Windows 8Direct3D/DX9Only 6 cut faces are drawn when inserting a cutting section
HPS HV 2015 SP224299GenericGenericambient occlusion update bug
HPS HV 2015 SP224223Windows 7jt import failed
HPS HV 2015 SP224177GenericGenerichps crashes during import (double precision shells)
HPS HV 2015 SP224020Windows 7Overlay highlight causes flicker
HPS HV 2015 SP222471GenericGenericSolidEdge Frame Tool components not converted
HPS HV 2015 SP225208Genericrendering looks different based on static model settings
HPS HV 2015 SP124301Genericcrash during highlight when static model is on
HPS HV 2015 SP124189Windows 8GenericHPS_WPF_SANDBOX hangs when loading exchange file
HPS HV 2015 SP124171Generic Adding distant lights and calling Update doesn't redraw the scene
HPS HV 2015 SP124166Windows 7The Navigation Cube and Axis Triad operators do not work properly when using multiple views
HPS HV 2015 SP124135GenericPDFPDF output causes repeated visual elements at high DPI
HPS HV 2015 SP124044GenericPDFPDF output causes crash
HPS HV 2015 SP124041GenericGenericCatia 5 model displays planes massively out of scale
HPS HV 2015 SP123980GenericGenericSprk_Exchange visibility issue
HPS HV 2015 SP123958Win_VC11GenericWhen detaching a view from a layout, the corresponding layers are not deleted
HPS HV 2015 SP123940GenericGenericCoordinate Systems are not imported from Exchange
HPS HV 2015 SP123870GenericExport to 3D PDF fails when exporting certain product occurrences
HPS HV 2015 SP123835GenericGenericimport Unicode file name
HPS HV 2015 SP123832Win_VC12Model Browser, expanding PMI crash
HPS HV 2015 SP123802Windows 7Surface trimming does not remove all the expected geometry.
HPS HV 2015 SP123797Windows 7SelectionOptionsKit.SetScope() does not work
HPS HV 2015 SP123783GenericGenericInstanced meshes not supported by HPS::Stream
HPS HV 2015 SP123746Win_VC12Show/Hide PMI doesn’t work in ModelBrowser
HPS HV 2015 SP123745Win_VC12Show/Hide in Model Browser doesn't work with a part
HPS HV 2015 SP123743Win_VC12Segments not visible in viewport are marked as visible in the model browser.
HPS HV 2015 SP123717Win_VC12Genericcrash when highlighting geometry with FrameRate ON
HPS HV 2015 SP123704Windows 7large model many styles creating incorrect items visibility
HPS HV 2015 SP123703Clipping region is not working when saving/loading hsf files
HPS HV 2015 SP123673Win_VC12lines are offset when exporting to GDI
HPS HV 2015 SP123659Win_VC12Wrong modelling matrix applied to hatching
HPS HV 2015 SP123639GenericGenericEventHandler.Shutdown() not called in sample sandboxes
HPS HV 2015 SP123629Windows 7DX11frozen screen after machine lock using d3d_image_canvas
HPS HV 2015 SP123623Windows 7crash during exit using wpf_sandbox with d3d image
HPS HV 2015 SP123555Stalls occur when calling functions related to ellipse.
HPS HV 2015 SP123552Generictexture defintion with CAPS, roundtrip
HPS HV 2015 SP123543Windows 7DX11Crash loading HSF in HPS Visualize
HPS HV 2015 SP123518Win_VC12Display list is not getting updated when geometry is edited.
HPS HV 2015 SP123502GenericGenericProbably a higlight overlay issue (fixme)
HPS HV 2015 SP123461GenericGenericMatrixKit transform bug on Vector
HPS HV 2015 SP123408Win_VC12GenericSetting face colors by index may not update properly
HPS HV 2015 SP123401Genericline pattern glyph name lost case on import
HPS HV 2015 SP122979GenericGenericStatic model not resolving conditional expressions correctly
HPS HV 2015 SP124343Generic Isolated components become invisible when static model is on