Package Contents

Package hierarchy

  • <hoops_visualize_hps root directory>
    • bin (dynamic build resources, sandboxes)
    • documentation
    • fonts
    • include
    • lib (static build resources)
    • packages (build resources for Hololens)
    • samples
      • <gui>_sandbox
      • code
      • data (sample models, images)
      • cc_exchange (Windows only)
      • mfc_sandbox (Windows only)
      • qt_sandbox
      • wpf_sandbox (Windows only)
    • tools (includes OOC executable for point cloud processing and CodeGen diagnostic tool for troubleshooting)

Library descriptions

The following libraries are provided with HOOPS Visualize. You only need to include those libraries that your application uses:

Library nameDescriptionRequired?
hps_coreCore Graphicsalways
hps_sprkSupporting classeswhen using view hierarchy, or any module listed below
hps_sprk_opsStandard operatorswhen using operators
hps_sprk_exchangeVisualize-Exchange interface modulewhen using HOOPS Exchange
hps_sprk_publishVisualize-Publish interface modulewhen using HOOPS Publish