Detailed Description

struct A3DDrawingCurveData

A3DDrawingCurve structure.

On drawing, only 2 dimension curve are used. If m_pCurve is a 3 dimension curve, m_pPlane must be defined. In this case, resulting curve of the projection on the given plane is used. In case of 2 dimension curve m_pPlane is not used.




m_sTrimInterval must be contained or equal to the curve interval definition.

Public Members

A3DCrvBase *m_pCurve

Geometric curve. Refers to Curves Module for more details.

A3DIntervalData m_sTrimInterval

Trim interval for the curve. It must be contained or equal to the curve interval:../_images/drawing_trimcurve.png

A3DSurfPlane *m_pPlane

Projection plane in case of 3D curve.