Distributing Your Application

Windows Redistributables

On Windows, in order to run an application built against HOOPS Exchange, the execution environment must have the MSVC Redistributables for the following versions:


HOOPS Exchange and HOOPS Publish share the same binaries folder. Not all binaries are used by both products; therefore, developers who want to minimize the size of their application should only include those items with the functionality they are using.

The following table lists the binaries in the bin folder that are required for distributing a HOOPS Publish application. All items listed as "Core logic" must be included with your product - all others are optional. If you are a HOOPS Publish developer who also uses HOOPS Exchange, you must also include the relevant binaries from the HOOPS Exchange distribution list.

Binary Functionality
3mfstep30.dll 3MF reader
A3DLIBS.dll Core logic
a3dpostergeneration.dll Poster generation
aistep30.dll FBX reader
D3DCompiler_47.dll Poster generation
DL180ACE.dll Core logic
DL180AdobeXMP.dll Core logic
DL180AGM.dll Core logic
DL180ARE.dll Core logic
DL180AXE9SharedExpat.dll Core logic
DL180BIB.dll Core logic
DL180BIBUtils.dll Core logic
DL180CoolType.dll Core logic
DL180JP2K.dll Core logic
DL180Libpdfl.dll Core logic
icudt68.dll Core logic
icuuc68.dll Core logic
libprc2sc.dll HTML & SCS export (64-bit only)
PDFParser.dll Extract PDF data for HTML export
QtCore4.dll TableToPDF
QtGui4.dll TableToPDF
QtNetwork4.dll TableToPDF
QtWebKit4.dll TableToPDF
tabletopdf.dll TableToPDF
TfFontMgr.dll Core logic
TfKernel.dll Core logic
TFKGEOM.dll Core logic
TFUGEOM.dll Core logic
w3mf.dll 3MF writer
wiges.dll IGES writer
wjt.dll JT writer
wstl.dll STL writer
wstp.dll STEP writer
wu3d.dll U3D writer
wwrl.dll VRML writer
Binary Functionality
libA3DLIBS-<version>.so* Core logic
libA3DLIBS.so* Symbolic link to libA3DLIBS-<version>.so
liba3dpostergeneration.so Poster generation
libDL180ACE.so.18.0.0 Core logic
libDL180AdobeXML.so.18.0.0 Core logic
libDL180AGM.so.18.0.0 Core logic
libDL180ARE.so.18.0.0 Core logic
libDL180AXE8SharedExpat.so.18.0.0 Core logic
libDL180BIB.so.18.0.0 Core logic
libDL180BIBUtils.so.18.0.0 Core logic
libDL180CoolType.so.18.0.0 Core logic
libDL180JP2K.so.18.0.0 Core logic
libDL180pdfl.so.18.0.0 Core logic
libicudata.so.68 Core logic
libicuuc.so.68 Core logic
libpdfparser.so Extract PDF data for HTML export (Windows only)
libprc2sc.so HTML & SCS export (64-bit only)
libQtCore.so.4.8.2 TableToPDF
libQtCore.so.4.8 TableToPDF
libQtCore.so.4 TableToPDF
libQtCore.so TableToPDF
libQtGui.so.4.8.2 TableToPDF
libQtGui.so.4.8 TableToPDF
libQtGui.so.4 TableToPDF
libQtGui.so TableToPDF
libQtNetwork.so.4.8.2 TableToPDF
libQtNetwork.so.4.8 TableToPDF
libQtNetwork.so.4 TableToPDF
libQtNetwork.so TableToPDF
libQtWebKit.so.4.9.2 TableToPDF
libQtWebKit.so.4.9 TableToPDF
libQtWebKit.so.4 TableToPDF
libQtWebKit.so TableToPDF
libtabletopdf.so TableToPDF
* Writers and readers are delivered as a single .so file.

Please note, HTML and SCS export are only available on 64-bit platforms.

Developers who are using a CAD import with HOOPS Publish may need to add additional DLLs in their binaries directory for integration purposes. See Distributing Your Application in the Exchange documentation for more information.

Linux developers: The bulk of HOOPS Publish is delivered as a single .so file, libA3DLIBS-<version>.so. A symbolic link named libA3DLIBS.so pointing to libA3DLIBS-<version>.so will also be included in the bin directory.


The resource directory is to be used by HOOPS Publish. It is advised to always include this directory in a HOOPS Publish distribution, to avoid unpredictable behavior on specific customer platforms. Only restricted minimal usage of HOOPS Publish that produces PDF files without any texts could be supported without the resource directory and its subfolders.

Also, resource\Font contains the Adobe MyriadCAD OpenType font which is provided with HOOPS Exchange and HOOPS Publish to ensure standard GD&T symbols are available. This font must be installed to ensure accurate display of PMI data. The MyriadCAD font may only be redistributed with HOOPS Exchange and HOOPS Publish enabled applications.


TableToPDF is a free add-on for HOOPS Publish that enables the creation of HTML-based tables in PDF documents.

Certain functions in Publish require the TableToPDF add-on, including: A3DPDFTableCreate(), A3DPDFDefineSlideTable(), A3DPDFDefineSlideTable2().

TableToPDF uses third-party libraries that require LGPL conformance for distribution. TableToPDF can be downloaded at http://developer.techsoft3d.com/add-ons/tabletopdf/. TableToPDF binaries have to be redistributed in the same folder as HOOPS Publish binaries.