Markup Definition Type Declarations


typedef void A3DMkpAnnotationEntity
typedef void A3DMkpAnnotationItem
typedef void A3DMkpAnnotationReference
typedef void A3DMkpAnnotationSet
typedef void A3DMkpLeader
typedef void A3DMkpMarkup
typedef void A3DMkpView

Detailed Description


Typedef Documentation

◆ A3DMkpView

typedef void A3DMkpView

Grouping of markup by views. Refer to Markup Module for more details.

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◆ A3DMkpMarkup

typedef void A3DMkpMarkup

Definition of a markup. May contain tessellation.

See also
Markup Module

◆ A3DMkpLeader

typedef void A3DMkpLeader

Definition of a markup leader. May contain tessellation.

See also
Markup Leader

◆ A3DMkpAnnotationEntity

typedef void A3DMkpAnnotationEntity

Abstract type for an Annotation entity (three types below). Refer to Markup Module for more details.

See also
Annotations Entity

◆ A3DMkpAnnotationItem

typedef void A3DMkpAnnotationItem

Usage of a markup. An annotation item references a single markup. A single markup can be referenced by multiple annotations.

See also
Annotation Item

◆ A3DMkpAnnotationSet

typedef void A3DMkpAnnotationSet

Group of annotations. An annotation set is a group of annotation items or other annotation sets. For instance, an A3DMkpView entity contains a set of markups associated with a plane. In another example, a tolerance can be a set containing a datum, a feature control frame, and a dimension.

See also
Annotation Set

◆ A3DMkpAnnotationReference

Logical grouping of annotations for reference. An annotation reference is a set of references on other markups. It is mainly used as a combination of datum with modifiers.

See also
Annotation Reference