Bit Field to indicate the document permissions.


#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermAccessible   0x200
#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermAll   0xFFFFFFFF
#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermCopy   0x10
#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermDocAssembly   0x400
#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermEdit   0x08
#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermEditNotes   0x20
#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermFillandSign   0x100
#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermFormSpawnTempl   0x20000
#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermFormSubmit   0x10000
#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermHighPrint   0x800
#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermNone   (kA3DPDFDocumentPermAll - kA3DPDFDocumentPermSettable - kA3DPDFDocumentPermAccessible - kA3DPDFDocumentPermFillandSign - kA3DPDFDocumentPermDocAssembly)
#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermOpen   0x01
#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermOwner   0x8000
#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermPrint   0x04
#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermSaveAs   0x40
#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermSecure   0x02
#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermSettable   (kA3DPDFDocumentPermPrint + kA3DPDFDocumentPermEdit + kA3DPDFDocumentPermCopy + kA3DPDFDocumentPermEditNotes)
#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermUser   (kA3DPDFDocumentPermAll - kA3DPDFDocumentPermOpen - kA3DPDFDocumentPermSecure)

Detailed Description


Macro Definition Documentation

◆ kA3DPDFDocumentPermOpen

#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermOpen   0x01

The user can open and decrypt the document.

◆ kA3DPDFDocumentPermSecure

#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermSecure   0x02

The user can change the document's security settings.

◆ kA3DPDFDocumentPermPrint

#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermPrint   0x04

The user can print the document. Page Setup access is unaffected by this permission, since that affects Acrobat's preferences - not the document's. In the Document Security dialog, this corresponds to the Printing entry.

◆ kA3DPDFDocumentPermEdit

#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermEdit   0x08

The user can edit the document more than adding or modifying text notes (see also kA3DPDFDocumentPermEditNotes). In the Document Security dialog, this corresponds to the Changing the Document entry.

◆ kA3DPDFDocumentPermCopy

#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermCopy   0x10

The user can copy information from the document to the clipboard. In the document restrictions, this corresponds to the Content Copying or Extraction entry.

◆ kA3DPDFDocumentPermEditNotes

#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermEditNotes   0x20

The user can add, modify, and delete text notes (see also kA3DPDFDocumentPermEdit). In the document restrictions, this corresponds to the Authoring Comments and Form Fields entry.

◆ kA3DPDFDocumentPermSaveAs

#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermSaveAs   0x40

The user can perform a Save As.... If both kA3DPDFDocumentPermEdit and kA3DPDFDocumentPermEditNotes are disallowed, Save will be disabled but Save As... will be enabled. The Save As... menu item is not necessarily disabled even if the user is not permitted to perform a Save As...

◆ kA3DPDFDocumentPermFillandSign

#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermFillandSign   0x100

Overrides other kA3DPDFDocumentPerm bits. It allows the user to fill in or sign existing form or signature fields.

◆ kA3DPDFDocumentPermAccessible

#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermAccessible   0x200

Overrides kA3DPDFDocumentPermCopy to enable the Accessibility API. If a document is saved in Rev2 format (Acrobat 4.0 compatible), only the kA3DPDFDocumentPermCopy bit is checked to determine the Accessibility API state.

◆ kA3DPDFDocumentPermDocAssembly

#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermDocAssembly   0x400

Overrides various kA3DPDFDocumentPermEdit bits and allows the following operations: page insert/delete/rotate and create bookmark and thumbnail.

◆ kA3DPDFDocumentPermHighPrint

#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermHighPrint   0x800

This bit is a supplement to kA3DPDFDocumentPermPrint. If it is clear (disabled) only low quality printing (Print As Image) is allowed. On UNIX platforms where Print As Image doesn't exist, printing is disabled.

◆ kA3DPDFDocumentPermOwner

#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermOwner   0x8000

The user is permitted to perform all operations, regardless of the permissions specified by the document. Unless this permission is set, the document's permissions will be reset to those in the document after a full save.

◆ kA3DPDFDocumentPermFormSubmit

#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermFormSubmit   0x10000

This should be set if the user can submit forms outside of the browser. This bit is a supplement to kA3DPDFDocumentPermFillandSign.

◆ kA3DPDFDocumentPermFormSpawnTempl

#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermFormSpawnTempl   0x20000

This should be set if the user can spawn template pages. This bit will allow page template spawning even if kA3DPDFDocumentPermEdit and kA3DPDFDocumentPermEditNotes are clear.

◆ kA3DPDFDocumentPermAll

#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermAll   0xFFFFFFFF

All permissions.

◆ kA3DPDFDocumentPermSettable

The OR of all operations that can be set by the user in the security restrictions (kA3DPDFDocumentPermPrint + kA3DPDFDocumentPermEdit + kA3DPDFDocumentPermCopy + kA3DPDFDocumentPermEditNotes).

◆ kA3DPDFDocumentPermUser

#define kA3DPDFDocumentPermUser   (kA3DPDFDocumentPermAll - kA3DPDFDocumentPermOpen - kA3DPDFDocumentPermSecure)

All permissions. These values are to have all items unallowed, at least all items visible in Acrobat and Acrobat Reader dialog boxes.

◆ kA3DPDFDocumentPermNone