Bit Field to indicate the saving options.


#define kA3DPDFSaveCopy   0x04
#define kA3DPDFSaveFull   0x00
#define kA3DPDFSaveOptimized   0x01
#define kA3DPDFSaveOptimizeFonts   0x02

Detailed Description


Macro Definition Documentation

◆ kA3DPDFSaveFull

#define kA3DPDFSaveFull   0x00

Basic level (equivalent to a call to A3DPDFDocumentSave).

◆ kA3DPDFSaveOptimized

#define kA3DPDFSaveOptimized   0x01

Adds misc optimizations for saving.

◆ kA3DPDFSaveOptimizeFonts

#define kA3DPDFSaveOptimizeFonts   0x02

Adds optimization on fonts definition. This can involve substantial memory and CPU overhead.

◆ kA3DPDFSaveCopy

#define kA3DPDFSaveCopy   0x04

Save a copy of the document. If this flag is not used, the file is locked until A3DPDFDocumentClose is called.